Hearing Loss, Excess Fat And Sugar

It is true that high glucose levels, cholesterol and triglycerides are responsible for diabetes, stroke and kidney damage, but it is also true that before you have any of these problems, first victim may be heard.

If we ask you to consider what the worst enemy of our ears is, it’s likely that come to mind ideas like listening to loud music, car traffic, and aircraft sound and perhaps aging.

Almost no one would suspect that some caritas tacos, hamburgers, soft drinks, pastries and dairy products which act “Trojan horse”, entering our body with its tasty and harmless appearance, and then neglect to affect leverage from within our organ of hearing.

In this sense, the specialist explains that “it is true that older people have some loss of this sense of old age, as the ear gets tired after 50 years, and that many young people suffer wear and tear of headphones, but I think that metabolic disorders are those that generate more problems”.

Today we see many cases of children, youth, adults and elderly in the elevation of blood fats cause ontological problems such as noise or ringing in the ear (tinnitus) and decreased ability to distinguish sounds (hearing), and this is because we have been eating habits.

The attack of fats
Hearing is usually the first organ to reveal a condition in the circulatory system, being more frequent hyperlipidemia, i.e., high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides (the main type of fat that travels through bloodstream to provide energy or stored) or both.

So, many people who pursue the goal of eating healthy does the opposite “in juices or smoothies with 5 or 6 fruits, eating cocktail with whipped cream, raisins, yogurt, coconut or chocolate chips, then we will increase triglycerides . On the other hand, television, magazines or other media we see that appear new yoghurts, with almost miraculous powers, and bought for convenience and publicity, being that these products are made with low fat and high sugar quality. “

However, the expert specifies that “the internal auditory artery is one of the smaller blood stream organism is the size of a hair and even split into two portions to feed the ear responsible for hearing and keep the balance (vestibular). Having triglycerides and (or) very high cholesterol, this pathway is blocked, so that they present severe problems like heart attack (death of brain or heart tissue from lack of blood supply), we will find demonstrations auditory organ “.

Other villains in this story are high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes (high blood sugar index). Millions of people suffer from these diseases, sometimes without knowing it, and suffer cytologist changes. “Many patients come for consultation by tinnitus or vertigo, and we detected is suffering from any of these problems and had not been diagnosed or had not good attention.”

Also with concern that the level of hearing problems are also determined by elevation of uric acid (a compound that is generated by excessive intake of meat, organ meats, seafood and alcohol). “This situation was more common in men, but now we find very high levels of this compound in women, generating problems of joint pain or gout (acute episodes of rheumatic inflammation) because they are consuming barbecue, pork, pork and alcohol.”

Better food, better hearing
Most patients who seek care for ear-level problems do they perceive tinnitus, ear fullness sensation, disturbance by loud noises and impaired ability to detect sounds clearly.

Upon arriving, the specialist explains, “are reviewed first by the otolaryngologist (ear problems, nose and throat) to rule out infection or earwax, then goes to cabinet otoneurology audiology or where from experience what do is measure the pressure and take blood samples for laboratory tests that would indicate the level of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and uric acid. We also consider the possibility of detecting anemia (deficiency in red blood cells that carry oxygen), and that is another cause of hearing problems. “

We should not remove the symptoms but underlying cause, and this is to change eating habits. Send the patient to dietetics and then give you medicine to lower your triglycerides, cholesterol and uric acid, or to control high blood pressure and glucose. Once you are at optimum levels, we see that ear problems disappear or improve.

Every day, more products and junk food advertising, but by the time we live in such a hurry, is what we eat: potato chips, crackers or yogurt, and it affects us much, because they are manufactured with quality raw materials as low that it is sometimes more expensive the package contents.

Thus, the suggestion is to include more vegetables in the diet, less meat, fats and sweets, and even fruits are ingested in moderation. “Some people eat 6 mangos in one sitting, and the same happens with grapes, bananas or watermelons, which are those with more sugar and end up turning into triglycerides.

“I have good education is essential to eat, especially from young people, and accept that we eat evil instead of surprised to see the results of a blood test. Nobody forces us to eat 5 or 6 glasses of yogurt cappuccinos with its respective slice of cake mix or fatty foods and sweets, as to make orange juice and egg yolks, sherry, or eating tacos in the position of the corner with a refresher these are ‘bombs’ for our circulatory health. “

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