New Technology Allows Liposuction To Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia

It is no secret that obesity can cause health problems. The health risks associated with being over-weight are real and include stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. For many people who suffer from obesity, liposuction (also known as lip or lipoaspiracao) can be a life-saving treatment. But lipo can also be used for those who simply want to tone their body in specific places such as hips, buttocks and stomach areas.

The Center of Advanced Liposuction offers its clients a new and safe way to get the lipo treatments that they need or want. In simple terms, lipoaspiracao involves the removal of fat deposits located in very specific areas of the body. The Center of Advanced Liposuction can remove up to ninety percent of unwanted fat and they do this procedure using local anesthesia, which is something other clinics may not offer.

It is important to note that the Center of Advanced Liposuction was created to handle this specific health treatment. Lipo is all that they do and they are experts at performing this procedure. Their clients enjoy a safe and comfortable experience and are not required to be under total anesthesia during the procedure. By using modern technology, the center is able to complete the treatments with very little discomfort to the patient. And, again, the center uses local anesthesia for these treatments which is much safer for the patient.

The center fulfills all of the requirements as set forth by the Brazilian legislature and the Brazilian ANVISA and CFM. Their unique treatments, using local anesthesia, are every bit as effective in removing unwanted fat as more invasive treatments that use general anesthesia. And, again, this is much safer for the patient who gets the same immediate results without the hazards of being put under with anesthesia.

Because of the risks associated with general anesthesia, some traditional lipo treatments require several sessions or visits. With local anesthesia, the center is able to perform all of the liposuction treatments at one time, thus saving the patient time and money. With this form of lipo, there are no stitches required and no drains. Patients can listen to music or watch programs as the procedure takes place. The Center of Advanced Liposuction offers its clients relaxing and comfortable beds during the procedure and mild sedatives are also available for those who request them.

With this form of lipo, once the fat deposits are removed, they are gone forever. What this means is that those fat cells that were causing the problem are no longer in the body and because of that they cannot affect the person again during his or her lifetime. This is a permanent solution for regaining the body that most people want to have.

Unlike other weight loss treatments such as diet and exercise, liposuction results are immediate. There is no waiting to see results; the results are visible upon completion of the procedure. The vast majority of lipo procedures can be finished in an hour or so, and again, this is performed under local anesthesia. Visit the site for more information.

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