10 Health Tips

1. Reserve the fruit in vegetables fruit refrigerator at should reserve in a refrigerator don’ts torn , for example cabbage , carrot , orange , which unless be valuable very for young , at lose weight already eating vegetables has fruit regularly still help to decrease the risk from the cancer the larger intestine as well please.
2. Good gum with morning organization food tea and a medicine in the federation and the Sweden , tell rinsingone’s mouth on morning with the tea will help to decrease , the bacteria has in the oral cavity because of , will help halt the progress of the bacteria , at cause of decayed tooth drinking part feels numb meal back , as a result , help decrease the risk has in disease gum occurrence.
3. drink the water more and more drink the water can give at least 5 a glass days , will help decrease the risk in cancer larger intestine occurrence and the cancer has urinary bladder 50 % indeed.
4. naked foot relaxes empty tread s go to in the sand s are soft , help feel relax because of walking will barefoot help to encourage circulating of the blood.
5. take sun young light has the data from the research s specify that , a woman who not bump against the sunlight will take to is likely to is the cancer the breast more than location woman in a city where has the sunlight because of , the sun light helps synthetic good vitamin in the body but , conflicting sunlight with on afternoon , be dangerous also , should take young sunlight during cold better.
6. turn to eat the bread for free guard time afternoon instead of s will go to grab the chocolate which , numerously with a calorie , change come to have 2 some breads assure that , will help give you have felt to have the strength already still not fat as well.
7. throw off who is the mackerel attractivefor enhance the memory ? at s are aware that , begin be misled , forget , try turn to have throw off the mackerel is attractive for or menu fish food and enhance the food that have the vitamin B 2 such as , egg , soybean milk , unless will help give in a good temper already still help enhance memory power has given with the brain.
8. walk quickly quickly , help make cardiac strong muscle that not have the time exercises , but still worry the health of oneself stays to try use the way walks quickly chit again small , might take time walk on morning or , the back quits the work , walk go to at three bus some four sign stop or , walk up and down the ladder can give 20 a days will minute help to administrate blood heart vessel s strongly and still make a model chip slender are the premium.
9. add good fat , give fat that body , no a criminal because the fat exists various kinds the fat that s are graduate in Buddhist friend theology and the body please if , the body lacks might affect absorbing vitamin A , D , E , K , and make feel exhausted get choose have a meal at have kind fat doesn’t be full , from olive oil , beans oil , and the fat , Omeka 3 from the fish , which be good fat , that not just give the energy has made to have the strength already , still help protect the cancer and the heart as well.
10. Just Do Nothing try stop the duty is busy , the some week vacate day or , 1 a day hour is free from from about the work , and a person will be arounding take time alone alone help to make you feels to are calm , for to get learn the way will break the mind may will listen to the music , silent alone or , take a bath warm , already read book please , softly sip the tea , chest wood musk is pleasantness side mind addition , make you cheerful and happy unbelievablely , and still far , from the disease haste mean , the disease that make you is alert , and hasten until almost have no the time for oneself.

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