3 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Online Depression Support Groups And Chat Rooms

Web based depression chat rooms and support groups are good options for those people who don’t have access to real support groups or forums, or those who can’t find one that feels right for them. Online depression support groups and chat rooms offer you the same benefits as offline ones and you can also log any time you want and take part in a discussion about depression and related topics. However, while these are undeniably good for helping you deal with your depression, you can maximize their usefulness by following three simple tips. Here they are :

1.Leverage the worldwide membership: Web based depression chat rooms and groups can have many more members than is possible in an offline setting, because they allow people from all over the world with depression to join. This allows you to get more depression self help tips, which you can try. The large number of choices available to you means that you are far more likely to find tips that are a fit for your condition. This also allows you to get a bigger support system to help you cope with particularly bad phases.

2.Find groups/forums according to your interests: Virtual depression support groups and chat rooms are not as limited as actual ones in terms of time, as they don’t have pre-determined timings, like, say, 4-6 pm on Tuesdays. This gives people more scope to discuss other things besides only depression and ways to cope with it. So you can find depression chat rooms and groups that talk about art, literature, music, sports, entertainment, food, or films. While it is necessary to talk about your depression with your peers to learn coping techniques from them, it is also good to be reminded of other aspects of your personality through such special interest chat rooms and groups. They remind you that you are not defined by your condition.

3.Log off from time to time: This tip might seem a bit strange, after all the benefits we have just told you about, but it is actually crucial in helping you reap those benefits fully. Too many people make the mistake of spending all their free time in depression support groups and chat rooms. This stops you from actually using the self help tips that you find. So log off and use the tips in real life. Watch that movie which a virtual friend recommended, read that book which another online pal found uplifting. Use your re-discovered skill of making friends to make offline friends as well. Doing these will allow you to truly heal yourself and find the joy in life again.

Ryan FitzGerald is the Co-Founder of WebTribes Inc. WebTribes is a network of online community websites designed to bring people with similar life issues together from around the world that are in need of support. The support communities are for people affected by Depression, Addiction, OCD and HIV/Aids. Browse Depression Tribe to Find Depression Blogs, depression support groups, depression forum, Depression, and Depression Therapy.

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