3 Tips To Tackle Performance Anxiety

Have you ever wanted to be the star of the show? Have you ever wanted to be the best? This is something that many people strive for. In our world, we make people who are good at performing into some kind of hero, because performance anxiety is something that so many of us suffer from.

Most people are just not comfortable performing in front people. When I say of performing, such as an instrument, or singing, or acting, I mean more than just knowing how to do well at your chosen craft. Athletes perform, musicians perform, and even professional people such as teachers and doctors must perform. It’s the “in front of people” part that gets us every time.

How many of us sing like a bird in the shower but then when people are watching we can’t carry a note. Of course, this does mean that a lot of people are tone deaf, but the point remains. Performing in front of people can be very hard. Here are a few tips that can help you perform much better next time you find yourself in front of a crowd.

1.Practice Makes Perfect – Whether you sing or play an instrument practice is the key to being relaxed. The more familiar you are with what you are performing, the less anxiety you will have about messing up. Also, if you’re a musician or an athlete practicing enough that you have the muscle memory to do it right the first time the last time and every time gives you an edge, especially in a pressure situation.

2. Keep Moving Forward – Piano teaches pass this on all the time. If you mess up in the middle, or any place in your piece, don’t back up and repeat the offending passage. Keep going. Chances are your audience didn’t even notice. More than that, if you stop and go back. You can lose your focus and concentration. Without the ability to focus and concentrate you can’t perform.

3. Focus On Performance, Not Technique – Focus more on your overall performance. How does it sound as a whole? If you’re a pianist and you worry during your piece about your fingering then you’re ignoring the song and how it sounds. Worry about technicalities when you practice. Which should be often. When you’re performing, focus on the emotion or the soul of what you’re doing, not the technique.

With time playing in front of and for other people will come much easier. You’ll be a natural. Just be well practiced at all prepared and you’ll be surprised at how all you can do.

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