4 Easy Ways To Change Old Habits

Music enhances all our lives in different areas. Movies, radio,orchestra, jazz,rock,concerts and much more. With the invention of different sounds through the form of Binaural Beats and Alpha music we are now able to access different parts of the brain to make change happen. These dynamic musical notes are transforming lives in many ways.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats, also called binaural tones are apparent sounds or auditory processing artifacts that arises the independent physical stimuli of the brain. The effect of binaural beats was discovered and introduced to us by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. Apparently, our brain produces a certain phenomenon that results in a low-frequency pulsation depending on the loudness of the perceived sound when two tones with a little difference in their frequencies are separately presented into each ear with the use of headphones and may appear as if they are naturally mixed. The experience of listening to these distorted sounds can be quite off putting. The whole point is to trick the conscious mind into confusion allowing the notes or tones to work directly on the subconscious. The results are quite outstanding.

Alpha Music

As explained above, the effect of music in one’s mood and feelings is powerful that it can actually contribute to a person’s physical wellbeing. Doctors and medical specialist globally are now more aware of the benefits of music in releaving anxiety and stress. Scientific attention is now given to the reported experiences of supporting medical professionals and patients and many mental health specialists, doctors, health workers, scientists and innovative music therapists are now researching how best to use music in making the patients feel better. The tones and rhythms of Alpha music are quite different as they actually slow the patient or listeners mind down to almost sleep states. This state of Alpha is then developed and allowed to sustain itself for extended periods of time. The benefits to the client or practitioner are a release of peace and silent contemplation within. Thus assisting the process of recovery from illness, trauma or over stimulation.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a type of mental attitude that admits words, thoughts and images into one’s mind. When we change our thinking into a positive mind set we are actually creating expansion and growth within our mind set which will result in personal success. A person with this type of mental attitude expects favorable and good results. A person who is thinking positively anticipates health, joy, happiness and successful outcome for every action and situation. Just like the old adage goes; The mind is constantly responding to stimulations from the brain. It is like a search engine looking for what we want… ” Seek and you will find”. There might not be any scientific evidence proving how positive thinking can actually turn things the positive way but there are many people who can attest that positive thinking really works. When you are worried or down it is critical to find positive people to assist you in new thinking patterns. This time of approach to life is Self Talk and what ever we send to our brain in a repetitive state the brain will pick up and create pathways to those thought patterns. This is why thinking positive thoughts is a great habit to get into as it creates really great triggers in the brain to follow.


The idea behind the affirmation technique is simple. It is a common error for most of us to put ourselves down when we have made mistakes. We grow up comparing ourselves to others in a negative way. Using affirmation is a technique used to change the negative self talk into something positive or more positive. Affirmations are simple statements of acceptance that any one of us can use to allow our destiny to manifest. Affirmations together with visualizations, each one of us can create the life we really want. There is a need when using Affirmations to believe that what you are creating is possible. If there is any shadow of doubt then the affirmation is negated by the brain. This again is only successful if you watch your thoughts and are aware of the attitudes that you have developed. Our thoughts are not who we are. We are constantly forming pathways in our brain by the habitual way we think. You can change the way you think by reprogramming your thinking through the use of Affirmations.

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