Feelings of infection transmission at high altitude paint the feel of the infection caused by due degrees Star Chinese red suede handed patriotism the ever-changing collision color combination means “not the same as the daily information form today” … … the primary current price brand rehabilitation time ,Boston Red Sox, introduced a new brand Li Ning Li Ning X 2010 artists cross new era caps design system to full impact of the cutting-edge design to show the brand Li Ning, “smart humor, frankness not artificial, highly creative force stated,” the very new image.
CROSSOVER The Cyclones won the world in recent years, non of the automobile, music, or clothing,Gucci Louis Vuitton, are all involved in this category. Coincides with the 20th anniversary of the rehabilitation of the Li Ning brand hat, new artists side by side to the situation in cross-border cooperation to break through self-realization, it is in front of a light.

Li Ning brand invited the 14-bit source animation, graphic design, painting, actors and other sub-areas of the trend of people to participate in the art of Li Ning CROSSOVER system, many of them sideways is the first time the design of participating brands. Obviously, eclectic, unrestrained imagination,Toronto Blue Jays, bringing joy beyond expect: Tim Tsui’s rambling, Wang Yu-wei change the color adopted, Unmask the patriotic elements of the elite culture, Song Yang,Milwaukee Brewers, Fang Yixiu conviction handed, high-Hai-Qing cutting-edge abstract hats, caps reflect the materialization Yang Na, the Soviet Union continue to break the eternal light welding hats, Palestinian officials see the pure freedom of a hat … … hat g sub-character turned into a force intended to create clear the nature of Li Ning CROSSOVER system products.

Nasal spray known for Toy Hong Kong illustrates the good guys and illustrator Tim Tsui, because the Chinese people separate cabin altitude memorable moment to his excitement, the skin and the paint is reflective taken a violent drive to bring high-altitude feeling infection young artist writing workshop to take New Year’s Eve Unmask referred to patriotism red velvet, and Lunar New Year with 12 local hardware accessories and the number of 0-9 for the acquisition of copper by template free association, cutting out the New York Yankees Hats and accompanied by their birthday zodiac, so that more ordinary man color shoes mining, Unmask The design also relies on intimate group of creative changes in eras in sneaker circles hot core. The 80 artists hit the high sea’s color group should be clear fashion event shoes, hats, then the source of his inspiration Li Ning and modern interpretation of Chinese young people: “Li Ning, China, 20 years in exploration and the endless twists and turns in the evolution, although the vast and resistance, showing clearly the future already hanging down it again, like a modern young people, the vast period, also see through the future the subject of pending goals. “

Unmask the design led to a high degree of meaning, as, in addition to the performance of the proud kingdom of Gen1 and brand awareness and celebrate the concept in more detail the nature of those who left income custom hide the air. Avant-garde, cutting-edge,Dallas Cowboys, wild, trendy, Freedom in Pakistan, even the bizarre, boundless,New York Rangers, want to see,Arizona Diamondbacks, this system of 2010, Li Ning CROSSOVER Fox Hats are exactly flatter the new trend of enthusiastic young design groups all of the above characteristics, bile in the design of New Year’s Eve participate in cross-border element in that the modern young generation indecent diverse culture and rich tide smell.Related articles

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