5 Fast Tips To Stop A Panic Attack Or Anxiety Attack In Minutes

I’ve dealt with panic attacks since I was a teenager. I recently found a way to eliminate the panic attacks permanently and haven’t been happier! I’ll tell you how simple it is to do this later in the article!

In the meantime here are five fast tips for you to stop a panic attack, with more powerful techniques available at:

1) First thing you need to do is CALM DOWN! Take some deep breaths and say some relaxing phrases to yourself. Slow down whatever you’re doing, and imagine your world is in slow-motion. This should help get your heart rate down and allow your mind the ability to realize there is no need to panic.

2) Realize that for the most part your anxiety attack is simply your mind racing and causing your body to freak out! Your body might feel like it’s about to shutdown, but realize it is all in your head! Just remember that you can beat this attack. Think of a comfortable and safe location that you are able to relax and not feel stressed at.

3) For the majority of attacks realize that you are most likely OVERREACTING! You are going to survive, and you will BEAT IT! You can handle this attack if you just repeat reassuring phrases to yourself and allow things to slow down.

4) If you are near a window or somewhere you can be outside then go to it. Observe the trees, clouds, or anything else that is not related to the working world or whatever is stressing you out. Take comfort in how peaceful nature (typically) is. Should the ability to go outdoors not exist (perhaps at work) then try and keep relaxing comfort music nearby to listen to and let this fill your mind instead of the thoughts you have racing through your mind.

5) Keep an anxiety journal nearby that you can record what you are thinking about when attacks occur. It may be best to keep multiple ones: work, in the car, at home, etc. It may be in your best interest to build a “panic kit” of sorts which include this journal, the music, and a list of relaxing things to help you calm down.

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