7 Ways To Overcome Anxiety Attacks

With all the stress and uncertainty facing us in our everyday lives it is easy to understand why anxiety attacks are so common. The recent economic downturns worldwide have only contributed to the amount of anxiety and stress we all experience.

With the seemingly endless assaults on our mental health it has become increasingly more important to learn how to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Fear of losing your home, your job, even your life savings has put everyone under a tremendous amount of pressure. Our control over these issues is somewhat limited and this we must accept. There is however active measures we can take for managing stress which leads to the anxiety and panic attacks that threaten both our physical and mental well being.

Let’s look at 7 ways in which you can minimize and control the negative affects of these attacks and regain your emotional stability and peace of mind.

Gain Separation

The first and best thing to do when experiencing attacks of anxiety is to get away from the source if at all possible. By gaining this separation you are better able to keep the tension or stress from compounding any further then it already has.

Compose Yourself

Collect your thoughts and regroup them. Consider what has occurred and how best to handle it. Determine if perhaps you’ve overreacted or even if the reason for your anxiety is really all that important. Focus more on thinking as opposed to emotionally reacting.

Peace and Quiet

What you need most is to locate a quiet place where you can more easily calm yourself down. Avoid chaos or highly trafficked areas since this could increase the tension you may feel. Your ability to focus is something you’ll need to get your feelings back under control so find a place conducive to deep uninterrupted thought

Seek Fresh Air

If possible go outside where the fresh air and the environment will serve to have a calming effect on you. The natural surroundings will help to clear your thoughts and diffuse your tense emotional state.

The Tranquility of Water

Water has a very calming effect on just about everybody and is actually recognized for its beauty and tranquility. If you can locate some running water all the better due to its ability to naturally mesmerize you which will detract attention away from your source of angst.

Breathe Deeply

When emotions run high there is a natural tendency to hyperventilate which will only help increase the tension you feel. Take active measures to breathe slowly, deliberately, and deeply. This will help to decelerate the escalation of any inner tensions you are experiencing.

Tune In

Listening to music which is soothing will again help to redirect your immediate thoughts away from any anxiety you feel. The calmer the music the more effective it will be towards soothing your emotions. Even if you are a hard rock or rap fan you will still appreciate and benefit from this type of music.

There’s no doubt anxiety attacks can cause major damage to your physical and mental health. The stress we’re feeling from both our personal and professional lives can be overwhelming at times. The causes for our anxiety and stress are often times unavoidable. We can however learn how to overcome these negative effects by managing stress instead of trying to avoid it. By taking active measures such as the 7 aforementioned approaches discussed above you can minimize the paralyzing effects of anxiety. What you stand to gain is the peace of mind and the tranquility you need to be productive in business and happy in life. You are entitled to this right so enjoy it!

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