Achieving Pain Free Dental Care For An Anxiety Free Experience

Most patients suffering from dental anxiety can trace their fears to unpleasant and painful experiences in the past. Others sense a loss of control and helplessness while sitting in the dentist chair. And some are intimidated by the smells, sights and sounds. Whatever the reason, you should never let your dental misgivings prevent you from making essential appointments with your dentist.

A good dentist understands the importance of communicating with his patients and will do everything in his power to make your dental experience a comfortable one. A number of techniques can be effective for easing dental tension, with communication being key. Other methods include relaxation techniques and mild sedatives.

Communicating Effectively with Your Dentist

The best way to overcome your dental anxiety is to simply find a dentist in Schaumburg you can trust; a friendly, comfortable office that makes you feel at ease. Share your concerns with your dentist and let him know how you feel and what about going to the dentist intimidates you. He is trained to handle fearful patients and can work with you to modify treatments and administer the most pain free and comfortable dental care possible. Your dentist should be sensitive to the needs of each patient and strive to make each appointment a positive experience.

It’s also important to communicate accurate medical history to your dentist. This includes medications, allergies and health conditions so that the dentist can administer the safest and most appropriate treatment for your health needs.

Possible Solutions for Easing Dental Phobia

Your family and cosmetic dentist in Schaumburg can help you achieve your most pain free dental experience through the use of gentle techniques and treatments. If dental work scares you, ask your dentist to describe the procedure to you step-by-step before it’s performed. Agree in advance on a signal that you can use, such as raising your hand, which indicates you are experiencing pain or feeling overwhelmed and your dentist will know to stop immediately.

And if the sights and sounds of a dental office are enough to trigger fear, it may help to listen to music or a favorite television program through headphones. Ask your dentist what devices are available in his office. Additionally, many dentists offer mild sedatives to help you relax, a practice known as sedation dentistry.

Let’s face it; going to the dentist doesn’t have to be your most enjoyed activity, but it doesn’t have to be painful or scary either. Identify your fears, express your concerns with your Schaumburg dentist and learn about existing solutions, such as sedatives or media devices that are available for reducing pain and keeping you relaxed. With good communication at the center of your dental plan, your future appointments will be less painful and more bearable.

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