Advice For Adult Women: Understand Your Acne To Treat Them Fully!

One good quality about this bad acne is- it does not have gender biases. No age limit for it either. It attacks male and female. The young and the old, children and the respected elders! Only, it visits you unannounced.

Even though millions all over the world suffer its attack, at any given time, no one for certain knows what its exact cause is. But then, we can definitely know what the probable causes of acne are in adult woman.

The oil produced by the facial glands is known as sebum. Cells and sebum form a blockage in the gland, when hair follicles shed dead cells too quickly. What better conditions acne wants to appear on the face?

Tight garments and the pressure from their rubbing is also the cause of acne. They may irritate the acne condition further.

Acne could also be the most unwanted gift from your parents, father or mother or both. It may not be the sole cause. But it can definitely be the contributory factor. Then the special problems related to women only, which could be the cause of acne. With every change in the phase of their life, the hormone levels change in a woman. And they experience acne. Adult women may also suffer acne, between two to seven days before menstrual cycle.

During pregnancy also, women experience fluctuations in her hormones levels. Even those adult women, who had no acne problems, have to face the music of acne, during pregnancy or at time when the baby is born. Acne will disappear only when hormone levels return to normal.

Hormone levels change at the time of menopause. This could be the cause for acne in women. To beat back the acne condition, women panic and use heavy makeup. The condition worsens, because by doing so they contribute to further clogging of the pores.

During pregnancy, it is natural for the women to have stress. This leads to the production of a special stress-related hormone, cortisol. This again sends the acne signals and worsens the condition if you already have acne.

In such conditions, relaxation and medications are the twin answers. Do not pick acne. This may further lead to the spread of bacteria, and extend the area of acne influence.

Unless otherwise specially advised by your doctor, over the counter products containing benzoyl peroxide, sulphur and salicylic acid, should do well to control the condition of adult acne in women.

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