After Dinner Speakers Help Raise More Money For Charity

Charities need support and donations to be able to carry out their good deeds. Some people choose three or four charities and donate to them on a regular basis. it is also common that they will attend one off fundraising events even if it is not one of their regular charities.But people with less money also give to charity, every level of society has members who donate.This is what makes Britain so generous, they are always willing to help out those in need or less well off than themselves.

When compiling an invitation list, make sure people from your target audience are included. Some charities have a gender bias where one of the sexes is more likely to donate than the other, for example cancer charities that focus on testicular and prostrate cancer attract more donations from men. Breast cancer charities get more donations from women.

Wealthier people tend to sponsor charities working with animals and there are people who focus their charitable giving on local causes. Invite people who have previously donated to your cause as you are more likely to get repeat donations.

Promote your event in the local community and entice more people to come by using an after dinner speaker. If you choose a celebrity from the world of sport, music or politics, they are sure to attract more guests and many bring items to auction which can raise large and unexpected amounts of money.

An after dinner speaker will provide guests with a memorable experience following a humorous speech and entertaining banter. This experience will leave guests with a vivid memory of your event and the cause it was supporting, which will ensure future donations to your charity.

Events can make a lot of money in a short space of time. Reduce the amount it costs to host your event by using donated food and drink, or barter down the venue hire. Reducing your expenditure in hosting the event will mean that all the money you raise will go directly to your cause, which is after all the purpose of fund raising events.

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