Alternative Therapies To Pain Killers

For numerous people, the first warning of pain of any kind such as an headache or migraine, muscle pain, cramps or joint pains, premenstrual symptom and want immediate reprieve, people would reach out for a bottle of acetaminophen or pop an aspirin or ibuprofen without even thinking much.

One may opt for a surgery or just pop a painkiller for a short term relief of acute or chronic pain but is hampering the body organs on a long term basis.

Medicine demonstrates the power of alternative therapies. They are more effective in the long run than pharmaceutical drugs and also, are without all the negative side effects.

Herbal Therapy

Many herbalists recommend benefits of herbs and natural compounds in case of having pains or headache, tension or nerve pain, the natural counterparts that are found in nature help pacify these discomforts.

The types of effective herbal pain medicine include Essential oils, such as jasmine, peppermint, juniper, rose, and rosemary that are known for their general pain-relieving properties, lavender especially is also favorable for sufferers of joint paint and rheumatism and it also operates as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Ginger is a strong herbal antioxidant that is great for healing skin irritations and pains associated with that condition. Other kinds of herbal pain medicine include Neem, eucalyptus, Aloe Vera gel, yellow dock, saffron, burdock, passion flower, kava, wood betony, wild lettuce etc.

Chiropractic Treatment

Simple remedies like chiropractic treatments and home exercises relieve sub-acute pains better. Chiropractors of Vancouver spot and accurate the cause and allow the body to self control, adjust and then heal. The care of the spine and maintenance of the nervous system is an essential component of the natural approach to health and wellness.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is not only better for your body, but it is relaxing too. While you are comforting on the table, with soothing music being played and pleasant fragrance, you will glide away into a wonderland that will calm the mind and the body.

Without the use of drugs you can get rid of back and neck pain, muscle soreness or any joints stiffness. It gets right to the hub of the problem rather than just treating with the symptoms.


Osteopathy is exclusively the treatment for the spinal pain which treats with musculoskeletal aches, sports injuries etc. It strives for a positive effect on the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. This therapy has a holistic approach to health care and does not only focus on treating the problem area but uses the manual techniques to balance the systems of the body for overall improvement of the health and wellbeing.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy gel suggests as a pain reliever by rubbing on a cold substance on the area of injury. When applied immediately after an injury it helps in the building of the injured tissue and also helps in restricting the swelling of the tissue. When applied long after the injury had taken place, the ice gel acts as a painkiller, a pain reliever agent. Cold therapy or ice therapy is an effective way to get joint pain relief.


Its painkilling effect may come not from increasing the supply of flow of natural analgesics, but by improving the capability of those chemicals to come in at a brain cell and exert their painkilling effects.

The bottom line to all this, is that pain of any sorts largely can be preventable through daily exercise habits that assure benefits to your body and mind and alternative therapies are proven to be better off for the long term.

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