Alternative Treatment And Early Warning Signs Of Cancer

Early detection of all types of cancer is extremely important. It means being continually on the lookout for unusual changes in the body that might signal the start of a cancer. The following are the common early warning signs of cancer:

a lump or thickened tissue in the breast, testicles, or any other part of the body

a sore or ulcer that will not heal

persistent hoarseness or a nagging cough that has blood in it

persistent pain or large lumps in the abdomen or difficulty in swallowing

changes in bowel or bladder function

obvious changes in a wart or mole

unusual bleeding or discharge

unexpected weight loss or loss of appetite

undue fatigue, lassitude, or malaise

persistent pain (though cancer is not always painful)

painless, swollen glands that stay enlarged.

Note These could all be symptoms of a “benign” condition that can be quickly and easily cleared up with the right treatment, but you should always consult a physician right away.


All estimated 85-95 percent of all cancers are preventable, according to some experts. Prevention, then, is the key in cancer, as it is in heart disease. This means maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and mental and emotional state. And even when it is too late for prevention, the same things that can help prevent cancer are also recommended in its treatment (outside the standard medical treatments of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or drug therapy).

Diet And Nutrition Eat less fat (trim all the fat off meat, and try fish or chicken instead). Buy only skim or semiskim milk, low-fat yogurt and cheese. Cut down on fried food (bake, broil, or steam instead). Eat butter (in moderation) instead of margarine; give up cream. Eat more fiber (or roughage): at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day (leave the skin on fruit but wash it thoroughly first); dried fruit, especially prunes (without sugar); plenty of dark green and yellow vegetables (spinach, broccoli, carrots); baked potatoes with the skins left on; plenty of whole grain cereals (such as brown rice); granola, bran flakes, or porridge for breakfast; wholewheat flour and wholewheat bread only; wholewheat pasta.

Eat less sugar, less salt, and eat organically-grown food as far as possible.

Special Treatment

Nutritional or dietary treatments have a good record for helping some people with cancer. Some are listed below.

The Gerson Therapy (or Gerson Diet) This was created by the late Max Gerson, a German doctor who immigrated to the United States. It involves counseling as well as a strict diet, and requires determination and commitment on the part of the client.

Macrobiotics This is an Oriental form of food combining.

Megavitamin Therapy Supplementation for cancer should only be prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

Alternative Treatment

Those alternative therapies shown to be most effective for cancer are

psychological therapies: including art, music, and drama therapy; counseling; healing/faith-healing; hypnotherapy; meditation/relaxation; psychotherapy; visualization

physical therapies: aromatherapy; Ayurvedic medicine; homeopathy; herbalism; massage; naturopathy/ hydrotherapy; nutritional therapy; reflexology; yoga and and t’ai chi.

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