Anti-sleep Driving Alarm

Statistics point to the dangerously increasing number of road fatalities, common among drivers below the age of twenty five. Accidents are common during mid-afternoon and night hours, involving long monotonous drives on highways and expressways. Fatigued drivers are as dangerous as drunken drivers. Statistically researched data has shown that 40,000 people are injured in drowsy driver crashes. Crashes have mounted to 100,000 each year.

Technology can help avoid most of these accidents. One of the most reliable and practical methods to keep awake while driving is the use of an electronic device such as an anti sleep driving alarm that is bound to resolve every how to stay awake while driving question that arises in every driver’s head, embarking on a lengthy night or afternoon drive.

An anti sleep driving alarm is usually ergonomic, fitting comfortably over the driver’s ear. One such new gadget is No-Nap, an anti sleep driving alarm designed by Vivek Bhatia. Such gadgets sound a warning beep or alarm in the driver’s ear when his head droops forward at the wheel, immediately alerting him. They run on simple DC circuits with batteries that can be replaced once exhausted. They are cost effective and easy to handle, being the size of a Bluetooth ear piece. Such devices have ensured road safety, working as easy to carry doze alerts.

Drivers who have difficulty focussing on the road during long drives, who blink frequently, and tend to daydream should definitely think of ways to stay awake while driving. Excessive yawning, droopy eyelids, low attention spans point to drowsy driving, and precautions to avert it should be given priority.

How to stay awake while driving
Though anti sleep driving alarms and other nap zapping gadgets may be the ultimate solution to stay alert while driving long distance, drivers should think of other small ways to keep themselves vigilant.

Keeping a good supply of caffeinated drinks such as Coke or Coffee can be useful as these are reliable stimulators.
Drivers with sleeping disorders should stick to their prescriptions.
Stocking up a good deal of audio notebooks and favourite music CDs that can be played on loop while driving is also a good idea. The volume should be turned up high so that it constantly falls on the driver’s ear, keeping him awake. Variety is also a must else monotony in music will defeat the purpose.
Carrying snacks on a road trip, that the driver can munch in regular intervals
Drivers should indulge in conversations with other car passengers (if any) to keep awake.
Window near the driver’s seat should be rolled down to allow the cool night breeze to blow onto the driver’s face. Cold air is a good rejuvenator.
Taking occasional breaks to take naps in between

Service provided
Using anti-sleep driving alarms is the safest way to avoid road causalities. These can be purchased and ordered online on company sites, via secured transactional gateways. No-Nap, driver safety device can be ordered and paid online from our website ��. It is available for Indian as well as overseas customers.

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