Anxiety And Stress � 9 Helpful Tips To Keep Anxiety And Stress Away!

Panic attacks can be very problematic especially when they accompany anxiety and stress. These are a result of over production as well as under utilization of adrenalin. When the anxiety reaction is not useful for adrenalin, it can result in development of a specific physical reactions group that can reach to its highest with a panic attack.

This kind of response is quite natural and physical. It does not have anything to do with physical or mental illness or even chemical imbalances of the body. However, this can be quite threatening for the individual.

Luckily there are a lot of strategies that can help to reduce the symptoms of Anxiety and stress.

Here are some of the effective strategies to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms:

a)Tip one – Whenever you sense a panic attack coming on you and start breathing fast, breath slowly. You need to breath in to and out of a brown paper. You can also cup your hands to do so.

b)Tip two – Bring in some changes to your lifestyle. Exercise regularly. This will let you burn off higher levels of adrenaline. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes as far as you can. Meals should be taken at regular intervals and processed foods and drinks should be avoided completely. This will help you stabilize blood sugar levels.

c)Tip three – Never ever make an attempt to come out of a panic attack. The fight will do nothing more than enhancing your adrenaline. The best thing to do is to accept your feelings and let the symptoms do what they want to. Experts recommend to practice an imagination where you are floating over the symptoms. This will help you subside the panic.

d)Tip four – Never ever confine your emotions. The more you stiffer them, the more problems you face. It is important to find someone in your life to confide in. You may also meet a counselor in this regard.

e)Tip five – You need to emphasize outside of yourself during an attack. You may try listening to some music to divert your focus or indulge in some enjoyable task when waiting for the panic to subside.

f)Tip six: – Learn some relaxation techniques. Here is one of the effective techniques that you can practice. At first close your eyes and start breathing slowly and deeply. You need to identify areas of tension and imagine those areas disappearing. Now relax each part of your body bit by bit. You need to start relaxing feet upwards. Try to think about warmth and heaviness. After twenty minutes, you can indulge in some stretching and deep breath.

g)Tip seven – Make yourself understand that all the symptoms you experience are nothing but a result of over-sensitized nervous System. Remember that these are temporary feelings and not harmful medically.

h)Tip eight – You must minimize your exposure to stress. Try expressing your needs to others.

i)Tip nine – Try under going some effective therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy or any other talking treatments.

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