Anxiety Panic Disorders: How The Inner You Works

What really happens in anxiety panic disorders? Anxiety Panic Disorders are disorders wherein an individual is suddenly experiencing an intense fear or anxiety that goes together with several cognitive and physical symptoms.

In order for us to learn and recognize the both worlds of Anxiety Panic Disorders, let us first know what it means:

Anxiety is a normal emotion that we experience at one or several points in our lives. It is a normal reaction to different stresses we have in every aspect of our lives. It is this anxiety that helps deal with extreme and dangerous situations. In short it is our nature to be anxious when we feel threatened. But when anxiety symptoms rise into anxiety attacks it may be an anxiety disorder. However a panic disorder, best manifested by panic attacks is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. Panic attacks are very sudden and often people suffering from this would not see it coming, often this seems to be unprovoked, and are often than not disabling.

So now that we have established the two separately, let us now see how this Anxiety Panic Disorders work.

Anxiety Panic Disorders are complicated conditions to deal with. Usually these are precipitated by a series of events but the symptoms of the attacks do not immediately occur after any major stresses or occurrences. It usually builds up overtime until one is taken by surprise by the sudden onset of attack. What is probably intriguing is that where or when or whatever situation you were in when you first had your anxiety panic attack is will become your main trigger in the coming attacks you will have. For example you at one time are happy driving home humming a country music and seeing the wonderful skies outside your car window, then next thing you know you felt like the death toll on you, then onset of attack sets in. Then the source or the trigger of your future attacks would either be sitting behind your drive wheel, or hearing the same country music, or even seeing the clear blue skies outside your house. This would become a pattern that determines the lives of the victim of this disorder. This is when they get anxious and panicked about their future attacks thus they avoid the one thing that they think brought it on. Some avoids elevator, stairs, cars, and other fears which then brought on the Phobias. Yes, it is indeed irrational and a little bit over the edge of normalcy.

So to better understand what really happens in the body and brain of a victim suffering from Anxiety panic Disorders here are its symptoms of attack categorized to both psychological and physical aspects:

In a psychological sense, people who experiences attacks, suffers the fear of dying or the sense of impending doom or the fear of losing control or going crazy and they feel a sense of detachment from oneself or what we call depersonalization.

While in the physical aspect, people complains of chest pain, nausea, flushes and chills numbness, palpitations, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, trembling and the feeling of strangulation or choking.

People who are victims of this attacks and this disorder tend to remain physically and psychologically alert and uptight in preparation for the next attack.

Although we need to address the different symptoms here like avoiding stressful situations, no drinking caffeinated drinks, no smoking, do relaxation techniques etc. These are all temporary remedies to the main problem at hand. A person with anxiety panic disorders needs to be guided with the proper authority, a professional in this field who can give him the help he needs. It is all about taking out the root of the problem so as not to experience these symptoms anymore.

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