Asthma: Learn How To Measure Your Breathing Level Using – The Measurement Pause

Asthma is a terrible disease that has victims from all over the world and nobody seems to be immune from this disease. In my article I am going to outline the following breathing test that will give you a simple measurement of your breathing level. It is easy to do, and can be done by anyone over the age of 4 years. Please follow the instructions, and hold only until you a feel the desire for a breath. Do not hold as long as you can.

This breathing test is called a Measurement Pause. The role of this test is to measure your sensitivity to the build-up of carbon dioxide as you are holding your breath. When you close off your nose, and keep your mouth closed, all of the carbon dioxide you produce in your body is trapped inside. Once the amount trapped reaches to the level you are used to, you will feel the desire to take a breath. The measurement is timing how long this takes you to fell the desire to take a breath. The longer it takes, the higher your tolerance for carbon dioxide. The significance of this measurement will be explained later.

It is important to begin the test with your breathing in the same place each time. The simplest way to do this is to take a normal breath in, and then allow a gentle, unforced breath out. This allows you to feel that your lungs or not full or empty, but comfortable. If you have any confusion, simply breathe in gently for the count of 3, then out gently for the count of 2. The next step is to use your forefinger and thumb to pinch your nostrils closed. Obviously your mouth will be kept closed during this test.

Once you have pinched your nostrils, simply hold your breath until you feel the desire for a breath. Do not hold as long as you can – that is a different measurement. We are looking for the time it takes for your carbon dioxide to build to the point that your brain senses the higher level, and gives you the sensation that you would like a breath.

Let’s go over it once more then you should do an actual Measurement. It is a gentle breath in, an unforced breath out, pinch your nose, and hold until you want a breath. Time how long in seconds it takes for you to want a breath. After you have done this test, breathe very gently thru your nose. Do your first Measurement Pause now!

What does your score mean?

Some severe sufferers of Asthma and poor breathing can last less than 5 seconds. If you lasted less than 15 seconds it is likely that you often suffer at least moderate asthma. A mild sufferer may reach around 20 seconds. If you do suspect Asthma always consult your physician for thorough assessment.

Here is the interesting part. The simple training method designed by Dr Buteyko over 50 years ago can alter your breathing so that you can easily last more than 25 seconds.

Once you have reached this level asthma usually just disappears. Major improvements in other conditions such as migraine, hay-fever, and emphysema also occur. It happens so consistently that Certified Buteyko Instructors offer a full guarantee of improvement or your money back. The Buteyko Breathing Method training course was originally designed for high blood pressure.

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