Bedtime Affect Sleep Quality

You used to fall asleep listening to music? Whether or not you fall asleep on the sofa at once but forgot to clearance tv the case? You have had all-night Internet, play online games experience? At once in front of the computer you work late into the night will end, then sleep it? Whether or not you have been asleep at once cell phone, the phone rings a long time Can not fall asleep then woke up … … If the above have had these experiences, we want you are welcome to inform you, then you are probably sleep “rubbish”!

Recently, the Guangzhou City hospital organization of the brain and sleep experts to carry out a free day consultative activity. Consultative some children come to the parents, hospital deputy director of the Sleep Disorders Branch Dr. Jiang Fan pointed out that the excessive use of electronic products resulting from lack of sleep time, sleep quality low litter can be called sleep, junk food, like it and the impact of today’s teenagers are the two major killers Healthy.

Electronics Products to create litter sleep

Television, computer, mp3 … … phone, cell phone, QQ, MSN … … We live in a growing wealth of electronic products has gradually become a necessity, and is occupied by us more time, and even occupation of U.S. start to eat, rest and sleep.

“Not only should not eat when watching TV, you want to sleep when not watching TV.” Guangzhou City hospital of the brain and sleep disorders Branch Jiang Fan, deputy director of Physicians in an interview with reporters said that in listening to music, watching TV, Internet time, many people to the extreme fatigue, possible in such a state of sleep, to sleep after a certain period of time, telephone, television, computer sound and light stimulation also frequently cause people to wake up, wake up once, then again deep sleep difficult. the people have had a bit sleepy, just to catch up with favorite television programs, or QQ on a friend on line, suddenly no drowsiness, but there is more and more spirit.

“The reason why this sleep known as sleep garbage because it was unable to fully rest the brain.” Jiang Fan pointed out that such a disruption in sleep again after falling asleep, at the beginning, most are “rapid eye movement sleep”, Recovery and energy-related; and the subsequent “non-rapid eye movement sleep”, only the relevant physical and Recovery. so many people going through trash sleep the next day seems a long time ago though spirits may feel somewhat tired or is this reason. Evening low sleep quality, daytime naturally drowsy, poor memory, for a long time it may also cause emotional instability, gaunt, weak and sickly and so on, always sleep the sleep trash people will eventually pay for their acts.

1 / 4 Children watching TV, listening to music to sleep

“Junk sleep” was first used in the United Kingdom Committee of sleep a term, they at last year’s 1000 for a 12 ~ 16-year-old survey of teenagers found that 30% of the Children’s sleep every day, only 4 ~ 7 hours, there is about 1 / 4 of the Child said that he at least once a week at watching TV, listening to music or using other electronic products fell asleep, then the United Kingdom Committee sleep because of excessive use of such electronic products cause lack of sleep and the low quality of sleep known as the Rubbish sleep.

bedtime affect sleep quality

Another recent national survey shows that there is about 10% of children every day more than one hours time spent online, about 1% of the children more than three hours online every day, was of insufficient sleep time deducted if the time Student’s sleep How much is left?

Jiang Fan emphasis sleep before the Internet, many information can easily cause the brain excited, delay sleep time, the impact of sleep quality. If the bedtime playing online games, watch provocative pictures and movies, but also may lead to a variety of strange strange dream. She also suggested that students give “burden reduction”, it is also necessary and reasonable arrangements for their children’s online time, the attention of Children’s Internet content, for the children and create a good and comfortable sleep environment, and network television with “grab” of sleep, to ensure the child’s sleep time and quality.

Introduction Jiang Fan, sleep when the secretion of growth hormone increased, so if lack of sleep, lack of growth hormone secretion may affect children’s growth and development, but also may lead to decreased immunity to illness more opportunities. In addition, lack of sleep will cause lack of concentration, memory, learning efficiency, such as, long-term lack of sleep can even cause emotional instability, suffer from psychological problems and mental illness.

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