Benefits Of Benzaclin On Acne Skin

Are you suffering from Acne skin problem? Benzaclin is a drug being used to treat Acne vulgaris or irritation and redness caused by changes in the skin structure. As such, it uses clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide gel for the treatment of acne.

Skin care can be an easy task with use of Benzaclin. Here some important notes on usage of Benzaclin.

When to use Benzaclin?

Benzaclin is use when one needs to come out of acne vulgaris. It is use externally only in affected area as directed by the doctor.

How to use Benzaclin?

Benzaclin is applied twice in a day morning and evening according to your doctor prescription at affected area. Make use of Benzaclin after the skin is washed and rinsed with warm water and drying the applying area.

Precaution for using Benzaclin

Take precaution while using Benzaclin. It should be used only affected area, avoid the contact of nose, eyes, mouth, or any other face portion. If you have any history of skin problem then do not use. Do not conjunction with any other skin treatment or else it will give you irritation. Benzaclin always keep away from heat, fire, or flame. In a day if you forgot to apply, you can apply immediately when you remember but, if it is time for next dose then skip the missed and apply only the scheduled dose.

Benzaclin side effects

There are most frequented side effects associated with use of Benzaclin are:

1. Allergic reaction.
2. Skin drying and peeling off.
3. Skin rashes or burning sensation in skin areas.
4. Increase sensitivity of the skin to sun exposure.
5. Mild or moderate form of skin stinging.

Another side affect is diarrhoea and if persists one must stop the application of it and consult a doctor. For good result, make use of Benzaclin in direction of doctor.

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