Better Aging Health And Fitness Program

Good health is not only about not being sick. Be aware of how you feel mentally and physically as you age. Only then can you do something about it. Many tips for healthy aging are available here that can make a difference in the quality of your life.

When it comes to self care, this means: eating well, do exercises, avoiding stress, take part in stress reduction groups and sharing.

Wellness means several different things including: decreasing the chance of illnesses, avoiding and attending to injuries, keeping an eye on safety and health issues and applying health care as a tool of prevention.

Over the last century, life expectancy has increased by 62%. With the arrival of genetic engineering, another dramatic increase in health and long life can be foreseen.

Descriptions for aging no longer include pain, disability, depression or retirement. Perception about the aging process has changed radically. Living longer, happier and healthier lives is now part of the aging process. It is quiet normal to achieve our goals and live full lives while we healthfully age.

Those who live to be a hundred share several common traits: optimism, good humor, independent, mentally active, eat breakfast and do not hold grudges.

There are twelve foods that should be added to your diet. They are much needed healthy aging ingredients. These foods work to reduce the risks of some cancers and other diseases like heart and autoimmune diseases as well as diabetes and depression.

These foods are: blueberries, foods with vitamin B6, barley, cruciferous vegetables, tomatoes, green tea, oranges, spinach, beans, and oats. Peppers and Spices such as: turmeric, ginger, oregano, cayenne pepper, rosemary and garlic will help.

Vegetables, dairy, fruit, legumes and grains are an excellent defense against cancer, diabetes and heart trouble, while helping maintain a healthy weight and avoiding digestive issues.

Self exams should be done for testicular or breast cancer. Get an yearly flu shot and stop smoking.

Maintain a healthy weight to lower the risk of chronic illnesses, cancer hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

Sleep is necessary for our bodies to heal. Little or no sleep stresses you out, burns your soul and ravage your body. Take a warm bath or listen to music before going to bed. The bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet. Coffee is bad for you before bedtime.

Consume 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Water prevents constipation, cleanses the body, clears the skin and is necessary in the body’s daily functioning.

Since skin cancer is continuous risk, make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Bad gums can cost you years of your life so remember to floss your teeth every day. Those who suffer from gum disease have higher mortality rate of 23 to 46 percent. Gum disease has also been linked to heart disease and other infections.

Become more active by taking a walk at least three times per week for twenty to thirty minutes. More than 12% of fatalities in the U. S. Occur because of inactivity on the individuals part, you can expect to live longer by being more active.

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