Camps: What’s New For Summer 2008

According to Eve Eifler, Co-Director, Tips on Trips and Camps in Baltimore, MD, these are the camp trends for 2008:

Increase in Specialty Camps � Parents can find offerings such as rock music, creative writing, culinary arts, aviation, fencing, science, foreign language, horseback riding, tennis, golf, sports broadcasting, skateboarding, robotics, and even circus arts.

Enrichment Programs For Younger Children – Starting in 4th grade, a child can live at a boarding school or college dorm, eat in a community dining hall, take classes of special interest, participate in recreational activities and take part in organized field trips while they are taking enrichment classes such as Lego engineering and the Science of Superheroes.

Short-term �taste of camp� sessions – For the younger child, camps are offering short, introductory sessions that could last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Even full season camps are offering 2 week sessions to allow parents to fit in a residential camp experience and other activities during the three-month summer break.

Special Needs Camps – Today, many mainstream camps will admit children who are blind or deaf, as well as children with Asperger’s and cerebral palsy. Parents can also find dedicated camps for kids with all sorts of differences, like Prader Willi, Williams Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, and more severe forms of autism.

Kids With Allergies – With the rise in allergies, some camps have moved to a peanut free environment to eliminate the risk completely and there are even gluten-free camps for kids with Celiac disease.

�Matching the right summer program to your child’s interest can help them develop life-long passions,� says Ms. Eifler. �Finding the right summer camp for your child can be a major and costly decision. Seek out a camp consultant or do your research online to find the best and most enriching program for your child.�

About Tips on Trips and Camps
Tips on Trips and Camps is free summer camp advisory service founded in 1971 with offices in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New York City, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Princeton, Westchester, Connecticut, Los Angeles, South Florida and Paris.Call-866-222-TIPS (8477) for more info.

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