Canvas Prints, Scents, And Music – Creating An Environment For Satisfied Clients

Canvas prints along with the right choice of scents and music might be just what your business needs to keep customers happy. Clients dislike waiting even at the best of times and they shouldn’t have to. Though you try not to make them wait, it is sometimes beyond your control. By planning ahead and taking steps to make the experience as pleasant as possible, you can keep them more relaxed and happier. Some ideas you might want to consider include interior graphics, calming smells, and soft melodies.

Canvas Prints And Interior Graphics

Scenery on canvas prints and a selection of interesting interior graphics keep the clients eyes and mind occupied. They can spend time looking into the canvas prints and processing all of the interior graphics. Time will pass faster for them and they might even like sitting and enjoying the scenery created in the space.

Larger pictures will add to the decor in the room. Just be sure to look at the message they are sending before hanging them on the wall. Instead of a political or social subject, aim for abstract designs, scenes, or still life that will be enjoyed by a large number of people. Signage and other small pieces throughout the area can focus on your company brand and ideas by including your logo, colors, and designs.


When working with the public, fragrances are never a good idea particularly if they are strong because of allergies. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be used in a subtle manner. The room should smell and look clean. Having to wait a minute in a smelly room is unprofessional and a torture for your guests. To add the slightest scent the room, look to your cleaning products. Scents you may want to use are lavender, lemon, or vanilla. Setting a bounce sheet in the bottom of the garbage cans will help to fight the smell and hold a soft scent in the area.


A dentist’s office is a great example of the use of sound in a business environment. The use of music throughout the office and in the chair keep the patient’s mind off the unpleasant procedures performed in the office. In some instances, the customers may be able to choose their own music. In waiting rooms and public areas, however, you will need to find music that will not offend anyone and fit as many people as possible.

Local radio stations can make a good choice because they cover local news and have a mix of music. Mixed CDs or MP3 collections of classical music playing softly in the background will enhance the relaxing feeling you wish to create while eliminating offensive lyrics. Compilations of natural sounds might work well in your company as well.

The mood clients carry with them about your business is determined by what they see, smell, and hear. Make them as positive as you can right from the start by using music, light fragrances, canvas prints, and other interior graphics.

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