Chronic Sinusitis And Snoring: Help Your Spouse Enjoy A Restful Night Sleeping

Snoring is estimated to affect approximately 20% of the population. Unfortunately, spouses are often the collateral damage; having to endure the deafening, bed-quaking rumblings of a loved one challenged by chronic snoring. Obstructed airflow is ultimately responsible for invoking the resonation of the soft tissue structures lining a person’s throat. The usual suspects vibrating include the tonsils, uvula and soft palate. There are also anatomical deformities such as a deviated septum, nasal polyps or excess tissue in the throat that may contribute to the nightly percussion ensemble.

However, for many, the solution may be as simple as addressing sinus symptoms created by sinusitis and/or allergies. You may be thinking to yourself right about now, well my husband or wife is already taking antihistamines, decongestants, steroids and other medications and the music keeps on playing!”

Have you considered Sinus Irrigation?

Sinus Irrigation’s technological evolution from Neti Pots and Lavage Bottles makes it more effective and convenient for Chronic Allergy and Sinusitis Sufferers to use daily; resulting in immediate natural relief and control of their sinus symptoms.

How Does It Work?

Chronic Sinusitis and Nasal Allergy Sufferers often have a dysfunctional mucociliary system. The mucociliary system is a complex network of mucous and cilia that work together to trap and remove debris out of the nose and to the back of the throat for elimination. Mucous is to cilia as a spider web is to a spider. The spider’s web is designed to capture food for the spider inhabiting the silk trap. If the web collects undesirable debris blown into it by the wind, the insects the spider seeks to capture may easily escape. Similarly, if the mucous produced by the body becomes infected by the toxins produced by a person’s over-reactive immune system, bacteria or viruses; the thick infectious bio film obstructs the microscopic hair-like cilia from energetically pulsating backward and forward. When the cilia in the nose shut down, the transfer of mucous to the back of the throat for disposal thorough the digestive tract is compromised. Visualize what happens when your garbage disposal is broken; typically the only direction the water migrates is up the pipe instead of down the drain. Likewise, when the nose is congested and stopped up; the tacky infectious mucous has to be manipulated out of the nostrils. For many, the forced expulsion of this material is attempted by blowing their brains out; often causing retrograde (back flowing) of the infectious mucous into their upper sinus cavities and spreading the infection.
Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation provides a practical solution to restoring the proper functioning of the mucociliary system. Respiraid offers an inexpensive device that delivers a pulsating buffered salt water solution that removes the bio film and soothes the sinus passages. Moreover, if the cilia are functioning properly, daily use of the machine during periods of seasonal allergy challenges will help cleanse the nose of the allergens that lead to sinus infections.

Bottom line, if you want to reduce or eliminate snoring, consider flushing out the gunk that is obstructing the normal flow of oxygen through the nose and into the lungs.

Understanding your disease and to how to responsibly care for yourself helps improve your chances of effectively managing or overcoming chronic conditions. If you have specific questions concerning your disease, always consult with your medical provider.

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