Release Their E Cigarette Reviews For 2012

Blu Cigs has been quiet lately only introducing their newest flavors Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps. However, while not too much has changed so far for them this year they are still the top e cig choice of many. Their innovative Premier Pack not only provides vapors with the highest quality e cig, but also with social networking features. The Pack also allows users who are within a certain distance of each other to meet if they desire. The Pack will vibrate to alert the user when another user is close by. Blu’s cartridges are specially designed to provide vapors with maximum flavor and taste. The cartridges are made exclusively for them in Wisconsin by well known Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. Their cartridge’s single hole intake allows for the best draw while the silicone tip prevents leakage. They are one of the few companies who use minimal ingredients in their cartridges, and are Propylene Glycol free. Each batch of flavors is mixed fresh by hand.

SmokeTip continues to remain popular with their simple formula. They offer only one starter kit that includes everything needed. Their e cig resembles a traditional cigarette while providing a high quality vaping experience. They offer an extensive selection of flavor cartridges. Their newest flavors, Banana, Cinnamon, Orange, Pineapple, and Watermelon, are perfect for the warmer months ahead.

V2Cigs offers smokers a variety of quality starter kits to fit every budget. Their long lasting batteries provide intense vapor hits. V2Cigs has become so popular in part because of their exceptional customer service. They consistently listen to their customers’ suggestions while striving to improve their products. Their Universal Adapter allows vapors who own batteries of another brand to enjoy the V2Cigs cartridges without having to purchase another kit. Simply attach the adapter, and enjoy. Veteran vapors love V2Cig’s variety of flavor cartridges and eLiquids.

South Beach Smoke has become popular with many celebrities. Some television shows and movies have even shown their characters enjoying a South Beach Smoke e cig. Their new top rated Deluxe SuperMax Lithium Ion high capacity battery provides an enhanced performance. They offer a variety of starter kits at affordable prices.

Another e cig company popular with the celebrities is SmokeStik. These devices are popular with Leo DeCaprio and Katherine Heigl. While the company has become a high profile product, they also enjoy helping their favorite charities. SmokeStik designed a battery with actor Daniel Sunjata from the popular television show Rescue Me. A portion of the sales from their best selling Halligan Starter Kit benefit the Feel Good Foundation which helps First Responders of 9/11 receive the care they deserve. SmokeStik’s Pitbull Starter Kit features batteries with extended charge time. A portion of the proceeds from this kit are donated to Compassion Revolution. This charity is dedicated to pet overpopulation, and is supported by Katherine Heigl and the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. The Limited Edition Pink Starter Kit features a sleek pink battery. A percentage of this kit’s sales are donated to Breast Cancer Research. Grab one quick while supplies last!

White Cloud remains the most expensive electronic cigarette on the market. The company openly acknowledges that fact. However, they also provide a top notch product, and excellent customer service. They are known for upgrading their devices every year to provide their customers with an exceptional e cig. White Cloud’s new Cirrus 3 batteries last three times as long as others on the market. They also offer the ChargeBolt USB charger which quickly charges batteries. This unique charger will also improve the battery’s performance.

�E cigarette Reviews 2012� also provides information on original reliable companies such as GreenSmoke. They continue to please their loyal customers while gaining new ones. Their devices consistently provide thick rich flavor, and high vapor volume. GreenSmoke, while a bit more expensive than the newer e cig brands, offers a kit for every need from an entry level kit to a double kit for couples.

Many new electronic cigarette brands surface every year. �E Cigarette Reviews 2012� will allow smokers to learn about some of the better ones. Each company has their own distinctive features. The original e cig brands continue to remain popular, but the newer brands are also making a name for themselves.

Bull Smoke has worked closely with world renowned battery developers to create the perfect battery. They offer two piece e cigs that contain an air flow sensor which controls the amount of vapor that is released. This ensures that their batteries are long lasting. They offer a kit for tobacco lovers, and a kit for those who enjoy the fun flavor cartridges. Both kits include two batteries, and are sold at the same affordable price.

Bloog Electronic Cigarettes allow their customers to choose either a manual or automatic battery with their starter kit purchase. Some vapors prefer manual batteries since they can turn them on and off, and extend charge time. Smokers still unsure about making the switch can choose Bloog’s Trial Kit. This simple kit includes the basics to sample an e cig to determine whether or not they are the right choice. The Trial Kit also includes a $ 10 coupon to be use towards the purchase of a more extensive starter kit.

Revolver Electronic Cigarettes are popular on the music scene. Many rock stars, including Crossfade’s Mark Castillo, have switched from traditional cigarettes to Revolver. Vapors can choose between traditional or modern looking models. Their exclusive Talon Tank System allows for a continuous vaping experience by simply filling the eLiquid tank without the hassles of dripping and leaking. Revolver also offers the most unique flavors. Feel like a kid again with Cotton Candy, Gummy Fish, and Smart Candy. These flavors will have vapors reliving their childhood. Those looking for a more adult taste will love Tiramisu and Cheesecake. Smokers can research which fun, fruity, and classic flavors vapors think taste best by reading online e cigarette reviews for 2012.

While most new vapors prefer the two piece electronic cigarette, some veteran vapors actually prefer the three piece model. These models have a separate atomizer and flavor cartridge in addition to the battery. Smokeless Delite offers quality three piece models at affordable prices. They also offer a converter for those who wish to turn their Smokeless Delite three piece e cig into a two piece.

Electronic cigarettes have changed the lives of thousands. These alternative vaping devices can be enjoyed almost anywhere. They free smokers from bad breath, and stinky clothing. Just when vapors thought they had researched everything they needed to know a new company called Ploom arrives on the market. Ploom offers a unique eco friendly device. This device, which is not an electronic cigarette, is considered a pipe tobacco product. Real tobacco and all natural non tobacco products, containing only the highest quality ingredients, are gently heated with butane. The device emits a vapor similar to the e cig. These Ploom Pods use food grade aluminum seals which allow them to burn safely. The world’s smallest butane vaporizer is available in a starter kit as well. The kit includes four Pod packs in each of Ploom’s great tasting flavors, butane, and a case. Ploom Pods are also recyclable after use.

Whether smokers are looking for a two or three piece device, affordable or expensive kits, a variety of flavors or traditional tobaccos, �E Cigarette Reviews 2012� will help with the decision. Valuable information is provided to help those who are undecided on a particular brand, or to decide if they wish to switch at all. Many vapors comment on review articles sharing their experiences with others. These comments are invaluable when attempting to make such an important decision.

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