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Dance is one of the best activities that children can do because it makes their minds healthier as well as their bodies. No matter what style of dance they are participating in, they are developing their co-ordination, strength and flexibility and building stamina. Listening to the rhythm in the music and memorizing a sequence of steps gives their brain a workout too. It’s also a great way to have some fun and meet new friends in a creative and supportive environment.

Studies of dancing initiatives in education found that kids’ attitudes to exercise changed for the better due to the introduction of dance into the physical education curriculum. Shy children’s self-esteem was boosted, and behaviour improved. Youth who engage in physical activity enjoy a great number of health benefits, including a stronger immune system, a reduction of risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes, lower blood pressure, and stronger bones. Exercise also decreases anxiety, reduces depression, and improves quality of sleep and general mood in children. If you have been wondering what sport your child will find a passion for, dancing could be the key to unlocking your child’s enthusiasm for getting up and breaking a sweat!

To get your child started, have them give dancing a try at a beginner’s class in a style of their choosing. There are so many different styles of dance, from tap to hip hop to ballet to jazz, so let your child choose which genre they want to learn. If they are shy, perhaps they could sign up for the same class as a friend. Having a familiar person by their side will make the experience less intimidating. This makes it more fun for both kids, because now dance time is also time they can spend together, and it is easier for parents because you can take turns picking them up and dropping them off if the friend lives nearby! Another good tip is that it is ok to rent, borrow or buy discount special items such as tap shoes or ballet costumes at the start. If your child decides after the first class that this type of dance is not their choice, you don’t want to regret spending a lot of money on something that will never be used! Once your child has committed you can invest in quality shoes and clothing appropriate to the dance style they are learning.

Also, another fun way to introduce kids to dance is by planning a Dance Party for your child’s birthday. During a typical Dance Party package, your young party guests will be inspired by a professional dance instructor who will lead them in a warm up and then teach choreography routine designed to your child’s favourite music. Parties also can include games and prizes, and a performance for parents at the end! These sorts of parties are a great way to introduce your child and their friends to the fun of dancing, and give the party a little bit of interest beyond the clich cake and balloons.

However your child discovers dancing, you can be sure that when they do they will be happier, and healthier enjoying their newfound passion.

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