Diabetics, Are You One Of Those People Who Exercise For 8 Weeks And The Diabetes Is Gone. The Secre

Some diabetics can Run Off The Diabetes, So Get With Their Program

Explore a natural human activity that fills the need for exercise. Studies find no degenerative diseases, like diabetes existed when our ancestors enjoyed the painless Exercise

We can Release the 8,000 Year Old Person in us and gain ENERGY Naturally.

Does anyone honestly think that people were designed to hang on a set of shinny aluminum tubes�connected with big blue rubber bands and exercise?? �or to punch and kick the air while watching a 108 pound blond chick bounce around on a video?? We have SURVIVED as a species by hunting and gathering. The KEY is an easy and Natural Exercise.

But, back to the horse race. Deep down humans are a “very superior animal” in their physical capacities. This seems to be particularly true for our ability to get around on foot�as these citations from Guinness amply illustrate.

Humans are better than the horse.

Just the Facts. Beginning with the Guinness Book of World Records (1973), mankind appears to hold all the truly impressive records for speedy long-distance travel on foot. Let’s start in 1836, Mensen Ernst of Norway, traveling an average of 94 miles per day, covered a distance of more than 5,500 miles on foot in less than two months. Other examples of men covering thousands of miles on foot at such high rates are also mentioned in Guinness, yet only one record of a horse. Accomplishing an equivalent feat is recorded, the horse having covered some 1,200 miles in Portugal at some apparently unknown date in history and at some unknown rate. Poor horse died.

This human body craves the easy and natural things. Accepting this basic need would find us having FUN exercising along with the 8,000 year old person in our Nature. Notice that there are no degenerative diseases like diabetes, stroke and the others in the more remote villages of the world, even today.

Think about our Human ancestor’s fossil records, these people didn’t sit on a table of rubber-bands and grunt to music. Their exercise was what we call the “Rove” Exercise.

“RUNNING” is NOT a natural exercise, but used for the occasional chase, the real deal is “Intentional Walking.” The walking “Rove” will beat both the horse and the bouncing blond chick every time (�see if their still bouncing to music in two years!!).

Yes, there are secrets to the “Walking/Rove,” here are a few:
Distance is important, time is not;
Only a few blocks if you have been ill;
Never strain or compete against the clock or against people;
A heart recovery test that gives a count of less than 65
�and more secrets.

Glorious Benefits:
Increases the Blood’s Oxygen-grabbing power;
Enables quicker recovery from illness and accident;
Take exercise of moderate intensity;
Add a healthy diet and studies see a reduced diabetes incidence of 58%;
Plus many, many more benefits.

How about some tips from Reader’s Digest:
1. Turn off the TV. You can fit in a 30-minute walk just by giving up one sitcom — especially if it’s a rerun.
2. Walk while you talk. Visit with a friend over a walk instead of lunch or coffee, or use a cell phone and gab while you tool around the neighborhood on foot power.

3. Walk somewhere you need to go. It’s called “running” errands, but if you can walk when you do them, great! Next time you have to pick up milk or mail a letter, walk to the nearest grocery store, post office, or mailbox instead of driving there.

4. Hit the stairs. It takes about the same time to wait for the elevator as it does to climb a flight of stairs.

5. Walk the dog. Instead of letting him out in the backyard, give both of you some exercise by taking him (or letting him take you) for a jaunt through the neighborhood.

6. Use your tube time. If you watch more than one hour of TV a day, invest in a treadmill and log a couple of miles during your favorite program.

7. Park farther away. You won’t have to fight for a parking space at the mall, the movie theater, or the grocery store, and you’ll barely notice the walk to the door.

8. Hustle at halftime. Next time you go to a sporting event — whether it’s professional football or your grandson’s softball game — don’t stay on the bench. Get up and walk around during halftime, in between quarters, or during time-outs. Just steer clear of the hot dog stand.

9. Pace while you’re waiting. Hurry up and wait — it’s a fact of life. While you’re waiting in the airport, at the doctor’s office, or at the take-out place, pace instead of sitting.

10. Clean the house. There’s no doubt about it: Housework is work. But who doesn’t enjoy the results? To get even more exercise mileage, alternate between upstairs and downstairs chores (instead of cleaning one floor at a time) to take advantage of the stairs — your home’s best calorie burner.

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