Drink Some Oxygen – Cure For Bad Air

It seems that more and more things are being packaged and sold. Bottled water, for example, can sell for multiple dollars per small bottle, and people are willing to pay due to it’s purity and cleanliness.

But what about air? Some people think if we sell air it would be the end of the world.

The air is polluted, so why not purify the air and sell it in cans? Well, it has been done.

Looking through a catalog recently I found an advertisement for canned air! I always thought the name of that music group from the 60’s had a weird name – Canned Heat! Maybe they were ahead of their time.

You have to ask yourself – why would anyone want or need canned air?

A company is selling canned air, marketing to people who live in polluted areas. After a long involved dialog or polluting the earth, cigarette smoking and major cities cornering the market on toxic chemicals floating in the air, the company offered their solution. Pure – canned air!

To show how impressive they thought their product was you could even get a free sample of the air if you wish.

I thought seriously about ordering a sample. Imagine for only the novelty of having my own personalized can of air sitting on a shelf – and no less gathering dust!

The whole concept of a product like packaged air created some lively discussions among friends. One in fact did help pique my curiosity. Canned or portable air has been around for a while.

The original purpose for this canned air was for climbers allowing them to carry air rich in oxygen with them. Back then it was not packaged as cans but in cylinders. They use it to fight altitude sickness.

In addition to this, canned air has been found for a long time in Japan, where they have oxygen bars. The air is pure oxygen, with a variety of flavors. Give me some Strawberry banana chocolate air please.

Canned air seems a bit extreme at this point (the air is polluted, but probably not that much. Instead, it may be a good idea to research air purifiers. Just don’t expect to be able to purify air and be successful in bottling it and selling it yourself.

Using something more along the line of a good air filtering system with HEPA makes much more sense.

I guess Pink Floyd was ahead of their time also – in the lyrics they say “Breathe, breathe in the air, Don’t be afraid to care.”

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