Ear Care Antiseptic And Cleaning And Red Ear Slider Care

A little carelessness can be dangerous to the ear.This is way off the ear and the patient’s pain seems to be heard and honored. In such a case from the beginning to be taken care of some of the problem – a being can escape.


1.While bathing, water in the ears of this particular idea does not hold. While bathing in the swimming pool especially for that special caution should be no water in the ear.

2.Non-freezing layer of dirt and dirt in the ear and the ears clean up – keep the focus.

3.Itching in the ear when you do not put any oil.

4.Dirty and not clean the ear infection thing.

5.Ear pain, eye – Do not ignore.

6.Do not insert the pointed thing for ear cleaning.

7.Today, mobile phone use has grown rapidly as seems to negatively affect the ears. Mobile holders, we suggest that more intense listening to music or talking on the phone to avoid long. Hold the phone between the neck and ears used to hearing can also cause trouble. As far as possible avoid it.

8.Any member of the family watches television in a loud voice and to you – do not listen to the call Do not ignore this.

9.Never – never throat caused by allergies and the body is water behind the eardrums. With the suffering of the hearing – is also with the ear-ache. That is plenty of work to go ahead and cause infection.

How Ear Care

Ear pain or itching is common.To leave the skin inside the ear wax (Wax) is deposited on it and the fungus is caused by infection. The fungus produces a chemical that dilates and itching on the skin and cause irritation.

Match to get rid of the ear, finger or other pointed object into the ear begin to put scratch.When the fungi begin to grow inside the ear and ear injuries and inflammation becomes draining and complicate the situation.

Ear while bathing in the water or moist environment inside the endolymph proud and very close to the ear. The patient is nervous and trying to find out. This can hurt the ears of the outside or on the screen. While trying to extract ever – ever goes in mud and dirt sticks to the ear drums. It seems to be pain in the ear. Ear pain is restless patient.

Membrane of the ear inside the small – tiny hairs that are dust – dirt or other foreign objects do not go inside the ear. Ear time – by putting the match or sharp objects inside the ear and the hair would become the wound which becomes more painful.


1.Never put a sharp ear to ear, not Khujaan thing.

2.While bathing, note that the ear does not get water or soap.

Even if the run should be cleaned immediately with a towel.

3.Do not pour oil into the ear. Greasiness of ear wax in the ears is enough to keep. It protects the ear from bacterial infection.

4.Ear pain, irritation or itching in the ears Khujaan and self-healing, but the nose, ears, throat should consult a specialist.

5.Brufen tablet can be taken for pain.

6.Without consulting the doctor put something in the ear.

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