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Each culture world-wide has its own specialty dish; American burgers, Italian pizzas, South African potjie-kos, British roast lamb with Yorkshire puddings, Indian curry, Thai noodles, Chinese egg-fried rice, French bread, Swiss chocolate and the list goes on. As countries have become famous for their food, franchises have opened across the globe, making that food readily available. Such chains are MacDonald’s (USA), Starbucks (USA), Nando’s (South Africa/Portugal) and Taco Bell (Mexican). As well as restaurants opening, products have been supplied worldwide into supermarkets for consumers to purchase. Through branding these products are easily recognized from country to country, so even if travelling you can source your favourite food.

As super-brands dominate the market, the awareness of how these foods are sourced, grown and processed for storage. Fast-food is highly criticized for its unhealthy method of storage and how the nutrition left in the food is minimal and therefore more damaging to the body. The emphasis on heath in the 20th century is vast with the widespread cancer, diabetes, obesity and AIDS/HIV. Due to the way food is processed now, so many nutrients are destroyed and therefore vitamins need to be taken to supplement the body with the right nourishment.

The USA was exposed on how they process food through a documentary film called �Food Inc’. It uncovers how a two-year old child died from a hamburger because the meat was poisoned with E.coli. It scrutinizes how the USA raises animals on factory farms and kills them under appalling conditions, which have no safety precaution against pollution or protection for the workers. These factory farms feed their cattle with corn as it fattens them faster therefore livestock can be slaughtered on a mass scale and supplied on demand faster to butcheries and supermarkets. Foods are being genetically changed and pesticides on crop are creating major problems especially as cancer, autism and neurological disorders are being associated to these unnatural methods. The film also reveals how the USA government and major food companies are part of this movement and the threat to local farmers not abiding to these laws is affecting their business.

More and more companies provide a nutritional label for the consumer to check what calories are in the contents. However, going back to basics, to the roots of organic and home cooking is the real key in today’s day and age. Have you ever looked at the difference between an organic apple and the �normal� ones we buy? The organic one does not have perfect shape or colour, yet the �normal� one does. This is because the �normal� one has genetically designed that way. Fact is that apple is not �normal� and no good for your body. Go to a local farmer in your area who grows apples and ask him to prove this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Just as fresh bread from the baker goes stale in a day, yet the perfectly sliced bread lasts a week. The bread that lasts a week has been not been baked the way it should be and is modified to last this long. The ingredients used to preserve the sliced bread have harmful products for your body.

Places to find wholesome food are from local farmers, or choose free-range meat, organic fruit and vegetables and use these fresh products to cook with. Avoid tinned foods and ready made sauces or dishes � buy a recipe book and cook it from scratch � this is a great way to discover what real ingredients are put into a certain cuisine and puts the fun back into cooking at home. Create dinner parties whereby a different set of friends cooks a special dish for their guests to try and talk about. Eat in restaurants that are known for home-cooking and avoid fast-food chains that have received bad press about how their food is sourced, processed and supplied on demand.

Professionals in sports, dancing and music jobs require strict eating habits in order to look and feel good, just as a child will become hyperactive when eating too much chocolate. A sportsperson and dancer need slow-release carbohydrate foods to keep their energy levels high whilst using their body at its maximum, whilst a male or female singer needs hot water with fresh ginger and honey for their voice to keep it open and moist.

Energy levels need to be consistent and stable; food is our source of energy so by feeding good food into your body, will help you maintain a well-being that is balanced. You have one body for life, so feeding it the right foods is very important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat, so eat right! Source for Food Inc:

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