Fundraising Successfully With Low-cost Silicone Bracelets

Its has been around 2 years since the Livestrong bracelets craze, where they have sold more than 40 million bracelets worldwide! Imagine thats even more than 10% of the whole population of the United States!

Not only was the Livestrong foundation successful, but also other fundraising companies jumped into the wagon. A lot of these are Breast Cancer foundations, which sold pink rubber silicone bracelets, sold especially in Breast Cancer walks and Breast Cancer events.

Another success is the “Support the Troops” wristbands, which we see almost everywhere, and now they are in wristbands. They are used more in Patriotic companies and non-profits used to fundraise for their company.

Putting these major companies aside, and having in mind that the craze although not as strong as before, it is still effective if used properly.

Small music bands may think of creating their own silicone wristband, with the name of their band on the bracelet along with their logo, also the color that the band uses. They can sell these to raise funds.

Sometimes, even small organizations, especially non-profit ones, can also benefit from this. An organization that helps with tutoring children that cannot afford additional tutoring service may be able to raise funds by selling silicone bracelets. A high-school basketball team that needs to fundraise for their jerseys and uniform may deceide to sell silicone bracelets with their school team, logo, and colors on the bracelet, around the school campus, not only to fundraise, but to promote the team as well.

The silicone wristbands can be purchased very cheap, around $0.55 cents each for 500 pieces, or around $0.45 cents for 1,000 pieces. They can be easily sold for $2 to $3 each, or some with a bigger cause may sell it for $5 each, depending on where the profits will go.

Selling 500 bracelets at $3 each will yield a profit of $2.45 per bracelet or a total profit of $1,225. Its an excellent return having in mind the quality and promotion also given.

Some people when they fundraise sell lemonade at $1 each, hamburgers, sell pens, concert tickets, etc. The silicone bracelets are so simple, that not much work is needed to fundraise the wristbands. You don’t need to cook food, have or rent a stall, or even organize an event. Its just plain simple, and you can distribute the bracelets to other members of the organization for them to market to their own friends and family as well.

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