Grief Stages And Symptoms

Grief stages and symptoms :
Grief is a natural process that follows such a loss can seem intolerable; we feel grief after having the various conflicting feelings. Especially due to the death of a loved one, relationship breakup, loss of pleasure from regular activities, guilt, depression, bargaining, anger, sadness, helplessness, fatigue, terror, etc.While grieving is difficult and painful, we can learn to be patient with ourselves and with others during periods of grief by understanding what we are going through.

Five stages of grief are:

    Denial: Denial is normal grief process which we get after loosing any our beloved person. this tasks largely involve dealing with the initial emotional shock
    Anger: You may even be angry at the person who died for leaving you! it is normal for anger to be directed at the person or people responsible for the crime, as well as the entire criminal justice system.
    Bargaining: Now the sorrowing person may make bargains with God, asking, “If I do this, will you take away the loss?”
    Depression: The person feels numb.
    Acceptance:This becomes when the person simply accepts the reality of the loss.

Symptoms of Grief:

    Lost: You may feel completely lost especially when the death of a loved one it often involves the death of your dreams and the loss of your future as you thought it would be.
    Guilty:Everybody feels guilty about that thing he want to do but now he is not able to do them.
    Sadness: Happiness and sadness are being two phases of our life and if this is the saddest times of your life. You may feel overwhelmed at times. You may be afraid you will never laugh again.
    Anger: You may even be angry at the persons who do not support you they may be your good friends your family members .You may ever angry for god that he is not listening your pray and not removing the troubles from your life.
    Mental Confusion: This situation comes when you loose your mental concentration.
    Thankful: I think you have experience this type of symptoms, this condition comes when you get more and more without expectation then you feel very thankful for the God and the person.

    Some Tips which will be helpful to deal with Grief

      Be patient to yourself
      Do exercise/meditation daily
      Yoga is also being very helpful to keep your mind cool and free so you can also use it.
      Eat good food
      Listen to music
      To keep yourself busy in some social activities
      Sleep properly
      Talk to your family and friends daily
      You can also learn some good kind of poetry books.
      You can also take some guidance from the doctors

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