Heal Yourself With Chakra Energy Balancing

With the turn of the century, lifestyles of people have undergone drastic changes. The change is very unlike the previous ones. The changes are pretty drastic. In a way, both the lifestyles of the people in general and family have been tossed and turned around. The fast paced life has resulted in metamorphosis of culture, values, health and the overall lives of the people. This fast paced life has made human being have the sweet taste of success, but, undeniably, has also filled up ones’ life with stress, anxiety and distress. And at such predicament of the life, the time and tested formula of a five thousand years old tradition seem to transform the lives of many people throughout the world – Yoga. There are many forms of Yoga such as kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga which enable a person to achieve that perfect state of meditative calmness and bless him with an elevated mind and healthy body. There are many advantages of yoga. It helps us in understanding the problems that plague us and enables us to find the answers from within ourselves. The word yoga means ‘Yuj” or union. It is the union of the body and the mind along with the universal consciousness.

It is believed that there are eight chakras in the human body. And by regular practice of Kundalini Yoga, these chakras can be activated. These chakras or energy centers are namely, Root Chakra, Sex Chakra, Navel Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, the Third eye, Crown Chakra and the Aura. These chakras are stated in an ascending order of their presence in the body. The Muladhara, root or the first chakra, is located at the base of the spine and at the perineum. The name means support or foundation. The primal relationship is with the physical reality. The Swadisthana, or the sex chakra, is located at the the pelvic area between the pubis and the navel. The chakra enables us to bond freely with others without loosing our identity. The third chakra is the Manipuraka, also known as the navel chakra. Activating this chakra helps us to connect with our inner energy and power. The fourth chakra is the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is located between the navel and the heart. Activating this chakra enables a person to overcome the negative emotions and help develop the positive outlook towards life. Chakras lead to an enhanced outlook towards life. There are interesting yoga books on Chakra Energy Balancing which will help you with deeper insights.

The Anahatha or heart chakra which is located at the heart enables a person to attach himself/herself towards the unbiased universal love. Now, whenever a person intends to meditate and awaken the spirits, he/she must ensure to be in proper clothing. So, activating the hidden potentiality of a chakra enables us to heal ourselves. The proper functioning of the chakras always helps us to be more aware of ourselves and more in tune with the changing world. Spirit Voyage with its entire gamut of Yoga DVDs and meditation music CDs aims to help a beginner by providing various resources for generating key insights into yoga. Artists like Yogi Bhajan and Harijiwan Khalsa have shred with us their knowledge to make our lives better.

Next in line is the Visudha or The Throat chakra. It is located at the base of the neck between the collar bone and the shoulders. Activating the chakra enables a person to fearlessly express the truth and also hear the sound of the universe. The Third Eye chakra or the Ajana, which is located between the eyebrows enables a person to think with clarity by making his/her mind, a neutral one. The last chakra is known as the Crown chakra or the Sahashrara. This is located right on top of the head. Activating this chakra through Kundalini Yoga enables us to connect with the divine. Vitality and stress and Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras are some of the Yoga DVDs which will surely help a person in helping understand yoga. These Yoga DVDs will surely develop one’s perception towards the Chakras in the human body and give methods to balance them.

Meditation music CDs such as Kundalini Meditation and Gratitude by David and Steve Gordon will surely enhance a person’s meditation routine. Another meditation music CD such as Heart as wide as the world will surely your meditation routine, a blessed one.

Chakras lead to enhanced outlook towards life. Yoga should be practiced under the proper guidance of a yoga instructor. Proper yoga mats are a must for every yoga session. The yoga mats help in balancing and prevent slipping on the hardwood floors. Yoga mats bar the positive energies of the bodies from becoming neutral by shielding them from the earth’s currents. Wearing the right kind of Yoga clothes is also a necessity. A right kind of yoga apparel must be made of natural fabric, preferably cotton. It should be lightweight and must not cling to the body. Spirit Voyage offers Yoga Clothes that are durable, light colored and feature stylish cuts. Stitched in cotton, these yoga wears will allow a practitioner carry out the yoga asanas with all ease.

Liberate yourself from the veils of life with yoga and meditation and experience an eternal bliss and joy.

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