Home Remedy For Pimples: A Natural Way To Help Your Skin

A Home Remedy For Pimples – a need by millions of young people every day all over the world. If you suffer from pimples zits you will be pleased to know that they can be controlled and eventually cured without spending money on drugs, visits to dermatologists or any other wonder products touted in the media. I had acne from when I was 13 until I was 22 years of age; acne appeared on my son’s face when he was 13 and I decided to help him .son’s self-image, but there are simple solutions to this problem.

The first thing any sufferer of pimples needs to understand is that any such problem, regardless of the medical diagnosis, is a result of the clogging up of the skin pores. As the body fights to clear or unclog the blocked pores, the process is manifested in various ways – pimples.

The body works to rid itself of the toxins and because the skin is the second most important eliminating organ after the lungs, pimples are merely an indication that you need to cleanse internally and implement very simple measures to clear the outer, visible, symptoms as the cleansing process continues.

How do I do an internal cleansing?

The best, quickest way to do an internal cleanse is to have a water or a juice fast. This process / cleansing must be undertaken with care but with a fast’s unmatched ability to restore skin / get rid of pimples zits fast you will see a drastic improvement in your skin condition at the end of a 3 day fast.

Before commencing a fast you must make a change in your diet and eliminate all mucus (or acid) forming foods such as processed / junk / fast foods, confectioneries and carbonated soft drinks; you need to eat more wholesome and natural foods such as fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, nuts, root vegetables, fresh juices – all foods that are mucus (or alkaline-forming) binding.

Search for mucus forming and binding foods in a search engine such as Yahoo or Google so you have a list of these. Or another search you could do is for mucus-free foods.

Then you need to learn (quickly) when and how to eat these correct foods. It has been shown that the worst meal we have is breakfast because the body goes through a natural cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon and breakfast interrupts this cleansing period; the body then goes through a building program from twelve noon until twelve midnight, and it is during this period that your food intake should occur.

A suggested simple daily menu plan to get rid of pimples zits fast (remember, this is a ‘fast’ in order to rid your body of toxins that are causing the pimples zits):

1st Meal of the day – Breakfast:
A large glass of fresh fruit juice (squeeze it yourself), or preferably plain iced water.

2ns Meal of the day – Lunch:
A meal of any fruit that is in season e.g. Apples, Melons, Berries. Do not mix the fruits at one meal.

3rd Meal of the day – Dinner:
Fresh, home-made salads with simple dressing made with Lemon juice, olive oil and uniodized salt – Or – Raw and / or cooked root vegetables such as Potatoes, Celery, Carrots

Do not drink liquids with your meals as liquids tends to dilute the digestive juices in your stomach which then slows digestion and assimilation and increases the tendency for constipation. If you must drink water after a meal, wait a full hour.

This simple but extremely effective dietetic change has been known to get rid of pimples zits in as little as three days.

How do I do an external cleansing?

– change your pillow case every other night (sleep on one side of it the first night, turn it over for the second night)
– do not touch your face with unwashed hands at any time. Need to scratch – use a tissue.
– wash your hair with a mild shampoo every night or use a wrap-around night cap that covers the hair and wash the cap every morning. Hair carries bacteria and will transfer to your face via the pillow.
– steam your face at home to help the skin eliminate toxins through sweating (a bowl of boiling water on the table, cover your head with a towel), or use the steam room at a gym.
– exercise to help the body in detoxification and metabolism; exercise as much as possible – this may be in the from of running, jogging or simply light aerobic-style exercise to music.

pimples zits, as impossible as it may seem at times, are very easy to control without drugs and using all natural methods.

Do not become disheartened – just a few short days and you will be able to show the world your smooth face!

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