Hot Tubs Belle Meade, Forest Hills – The Easiest Way To Improve Your Health And Well Being

Hot tubs are often thought of for their soothing water, and relaxing effects. They are also a favored party spot, and gathering around a hot tub is the perfect atmosphere for close communication, and fun. Even though those are very good ways to enjoy a hot tub, many people don’t realize how many ways a hot tub can improve your health. Here are just a few�

Relief for Sore Muscles – Getting into a hot tub is a common solution for sore, tired muscles. Athletes have long known that hydrotherapy relaxes knotted, strained muscles and gives torn muscles and damaged ligaments extra blood flow to encourage healing.

Stress Relief – Stress is the leading factor in many diseases, and over 50% of Americans suffer from stress related illnesses. Just the simple act of relaxing in the comforting waters of a hot tub reduces those levels of stress, and helps alleviate stress related illnesses.

Improved Sleep Patterns – Soaking in a warm bath is a well-known way of helping people get to sleep. Hot tubs take that evening soak to a whole new level. A bath tub can only provide limited heat that dissipates quickly, and buoyancy from the water is limited. Hot tubs keep the water heated to an exact degree for as long as needed.

In addition, the heated water increases blood flow and relaxes muscles so that you can fall asleep faster. Hot tubs can also help get rid of the aches and pains of the day, and can relieve arthritis pain so you can sleep better, and more comfortably after just a few minutes of soaking right before bed time.

The Feel Good Benefits – One of the most powerful benefits of a hot tub is its ability to release the natural endorphins in our brain. Endorphins are the body’s natural �feel good drug.� They provide us with a sense of serenity and pleasure that is unmatched, and completely wholesome and organic.

Allergies, Sinus Problems and Colds – Nothing can make it harder to get through the day, or sleep through the night than breathing problems caused by allergies, sinus infections and colds. Sitting in a hot tub, and letting the steam rise up, loosens tight breathing passages, and helps you breathe better, letting you have more fun during the day and sleep better at night.

Improved Cardio Health – Yes, the hot tub can even provide cardio benefits. The Mayo Clinic found that just soaking in a hot tub provides much of the same benefits as some forms of exercise. It relieves the stress on the heart by decreasing blood flow and at the same time increases blood flow by raising the heart rate, so that the circulatory system works better and more efficiently.

Help for Diabetes – Just one of the major diseases that affect so many people worldwide, that can be helped by a hot tub, is diabetes. The McKee Medical Center found that just sitting in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day reduced sugar levels by an astounding 13%. That alone is enough to make a hot tub a �medical miracle.�

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