How To Get Well By Reducing Stress

How To Get Well By Reducing Stress:
One of the most common problems faced today many patients is the desire to attempt to get well using a new, more expensive drug. When asked about the reasons they feel sick, often the answer given by is their stress is making them sick. When people are chronically feeling stressed, anxiety and worried, that oftentimes makes their illness worse.
Anxiety, depression, frustration and other negative emotions contributes to their deterioration. It causes the human body to produce and pump stress hormones into the blood stream. When they are released occasionally they are key to our bodies’ efforts that allow us to run or fight, a very much needed survival mechanism. However, when our bodies chronically respond to mental stress, the continuous release of these hormones can be harmful.
The chronic release of these stress related hormones act as culprit for many ailments such as heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, asthma , hypertension, emphysema (COPD), infections, including influenza and many, many more. The way your body responds to stress has a tremendous impact on its ability to body to get well. Unfortunately, most people facing illness are not aware of the important role their response to stress plays in their efforts to get well. They rely, instead on medication and other treatments, which at best helps to suppress symptoms, rather than reversing the primary cause of the disorder.
Many visits to the doctor’s office are related to stress. The prescriptions written by the doctors are mostly written for the stress related disorders. Often patients don’t pay attention to the way they react while living with chronic, long term medical conditions. They believe they have no control over the way they react to stress. Fortunately, the truth is that they can respond in a healthier way to their distress.
They generally face the stress with lot of attitude of pessimism and helplessness, and this result in adverse effect on their physiological restorative capacity. Stress can be successfully managed over time, with the development of a more positive emotional response and attitude that will change our physiology on a cellular level. Instead of releasing stress hormones, we can decrease and even stop the stress response, when it is beneficial to do so.
Cultivating a more positive attitude, will result in a positive way our physiology changes and the body can get well.
Numerous research studies demonstrate that emotional response in a positive way can heal and prove powerful in some dissipating diseases. Becoming very honest with ourselves will make us happier; this may be tough at times as, it may lead to leave the job or some important relationship.
Music can release the stress and make you more positive towards the way you pay attention on your thoughts. Creative-expressions works miracle for your body and soul, beauty of nature has very good effects to relieve the stress. Even a small photograph that shows some nature such as flower or a plant with a lively look can be helpful to make you a positive person and lead a healthy life by removing stress.
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Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine and completed her residency training at the University of Chicago’s Hospitals and Clinics. She has practiced holistic medicine, is an author, columnist, lecturer and consultant. Her first book, Healing, Health and Transformation: New Frontiers in Medicine was acclaimed by leaders including Deepak Chopra, MD, Larry Dossey, MD, and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD.

Her website, provides a free holistic health newsletter, teleseminars, special reports, health coaching and other services.
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