How To Play Double Bass Drums And Paradiddle

An advanced concept like the double bass drumming can add a lot of spice and variety to any beat in the world. The concept is very simple as compared to the other concepts to learn to play the drums. It is used in hard rock music, jazz, latin, country and other styles. It also requires development of muscles, timing and independence like other drumming concepts. The muscle development includes muscles of legs and independence on both the feet.

Warm up with a few basic stretches and taps if one is not used to double bass. If you are playing on double bass drum pedals, set them up in a way that they are most comfortable for you. The tension on its springs should also be even. Once you set these things up you are ready to start developing your double bass.

Double bass can be played in two ways, heel up and heel down. Both of these techniques are useful and should be practiced for the same amount of time. Heel up drumming is mostly used for fast and loud drumming beats since it provides you with more power and force on each and every stroke. You can put the force of your whole leg into it which can put more power. Heel down drumming provides you with more control therefore it is used in softer music like jazz and soft rock. Another technique can be heel toe in which you can use both heel and toe to get double strokes with the help of your pedal. This popular method is definitely one of the best ways to improve speed and control with the help of double bass pedal.

After working hard to learn to play the drums with double bass, you will start realizing that the importance of your feet in this kind of drumming is as much as your hands. Therefore, the best way to practice is by playing the basic rudiments of course with your double bass pedal. Single stroke roll is a good rudiment to start with, since this is most commonly played in double bass. Practice them slowly and when you get better at it then work on your speed. The paradiddle is also important for independence of your feet. At last, you have to work on your double stroke roll.

You should try to implement a few bass drum patterns overtop of sticks to have a feel of bass drum. You should start playing the basic 4/4 beat on hi-hat and snare. Add a single stroke eighth note instead of kicking once per measure. It may take a while to develop double bass but once you get to know about it you’ll understand the way with which it can spice up regular beat. You should then try to play triplets on bass drum and different beats overtop. Try to play other grooves too. This would make the double bass easier for you.

In order to learn to play the drums, especially the double bass drums is that never overuse these. A drummer will most probably figure out the way to add a really nice sounding double bass fill. However, the drummer might forget the sound of the music he was playing and insert this fill wherever he would want. This can take a lot away from the song so a double bass drummer needs to balance.

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