How To Stop Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

However serious most people made them resulted more from delusions and fears of patients. They can be from past experiences which are so bad that they feel too depressed or frightened to forget them. Worse still, those experiences can come back to haunt them in either their nightmares or repeated real life scenarios.

Although advice and medication from doctors, psychologicals and other professionals in that field will help, much will still depends on the patient’s willpower and outlook on life itself. Because if the patient loses his or her will to live and look ahead to future, all those advice and medication is not going to help in their anxiety and panic attacks at all.

There are a few ways to treat anxiety and panic attacks. They may seem simple and practical but if used correctly and regularly, they will prove to be far more effective than all the medicine in the world.

Active Social Life

Building relationships with people around us are the most important aspects of our life as they have an impact on our life outlook.

It does not matter whether we are in churches, school, work or even at home. When you build rapport with people whether it is through helping them or even a simple hello greeting, people will like you and want to help you in return.

But of course you have to mix around with the right people as in they having a positive influence and motivation for you to excel better than whatever you do. When you have good friends, you will naturally find your life more lively and meaningful. Your perspective will be positive and you will stop having all those negative thoughts.

Inspirational Music

Ridiculous I may sound but music certainly does help in more ways than we can imagine.

It does not have to be rock and roll or pop music. But music from natural surroundings or even some inspirational moments of life can drive us towards greater heights subconsciously.

I have seen athletes and even football teams achieving peak performance after listening to inspirational music.

Proper Diet

Having a proper diet is essential to our everyday well-being.

There is a Chinese saying that still applies today. It is that we should have full meals for breakfast, half meals for lunch and light meals for dinner. Breakfast is our first meal of the day and since most of us start school or work in the mornings, it is absolutely crucial that we have full energy to last us through especially when most of us are spending 8 to 10 hours on work. Lunch is more to replenish our energy but because some of us tend to feel sleepy after lunch, half a meal is more advisable. As for dinner, it is best to have a light or quarter meal especially when we have to sleep early just to be on time for work the following day.

Foodwise, we should have a balance of vegetables, rice, milk, meat and bread for all 3 meals. All these provide vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and calcium to maintain our strong bones and sharpen our memory skills to help us perform better in whatever we do.

Regular Exercise

However busy we are, we need to set aside at least 1 or days every week for exercise.

Although health supplements do help, regular exercise is the best antidote especially when it comes to jogging, rope skipping and swimming. Though they are all tedious, it helps to reduce our stress and mind load of worries. Our minds become clearer and more focused. These helps us to see things from another yet better perspective.

You probably may ask what exactly does all these ways I just outlined have to do with anxiety and panic attacks?

My answer is everything! It is not just our body condition but our state of mind that can make a positive or negative impact on our lives and the people around us.

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