Keeping Fit Whilst Working Abroad

In first world countries, more emphasis on health is presented to us through newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, films, supermarkets, schools and offices than ever before. This is also due to the awareness of life threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS/HIV in the 20th century.

With the widespread of publicity in western cultures ‘healthy body = healthy mind’ is encouraging people to improve their eating habits and include physical fitness into their daily life. For instance fruit and nuts have replaced chocolate and crisps as snacks for children in schools, just as squash and football clubs have formed at the workplace.

The number of hours spent studying and working has increased over the years as technology has progressed across various fields of industry. This has left little time for recreation and relaxation after work hours.

Even more so are those employers that travel and work abroad; they have even less hours to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Career-heads such as project mangers, property developers, engineers, musicians jobs , sports experts and sales personnel that are frequent fliers rely heavily on airplane and hotel food. Therefore having less control of how their food is sourced, processed or cooked. Their schedules are also normally chock-a-block itineraries with all focus on the job that needs to be completed. To fit in personal free time like a gym session or run outside on a schedule like this is unlikely especially with jet-lag to deal with.

However, if really dedicated, total well-being can be accomplished, so it is important to allocate time for leisure and eat good, healthy food. Nearly all hotel chains and luxury apartments have gyms, and all airlines and hotels can now cater for special dietary requirements. Many hotels have long opening hours for gymnasiums and pool times from 6am-10pm.

As much as technology has improved airplane seats are not as comfortable as a bed for the body to properly rest. After a long flight one of the best ways to fix muscle aches and fatigue is to workout physically � it can be as vigorous as weight-lifting or as gentle as yoga stretching, depending on one’s fitness level and preferred exercise type. Should a hotel or apartment you are staying not have a gymnasium, request concierge to source the nearest park, pool, racquet or dance club and request for a programme with their opening hours. Then manage your time accordingly to slot in a session to walk or run, pump iron, stretch and meditate, play tennis or squash, or dance the daily stress away.

People that travel and work abroad often, like singers, drummers, rugby players, tennis professionals and alike, are already fully acquainted with a regime of fitness. For them exercise is everything and part of their everyday life, so it’s important for them or their agents to source gyms, parks, dance studios, football or rugby fields, racquet clubs prior their arrival for them to begin their workout immediately.

Fitness and proper eating come hand in hand for a healthy lifestyle. When your body is in a fit state, it allows your mind to work at its maximum in a shorter length of time. When stressed out and tired, it is rare to be able to think straight. Take the time to relax your mind through exercise, be it intense or calming. Feed your body with nourishment, so your mind is level-headed and has clarity in making good decisions. Manage your time with at least three to four days a week, just three to four hours out of your week, of personal time to yourself to free your mind and work your body. Every country encourages and promotes sport and relaxation, so let this be every reason to start putting fitness into your schedule today, regardless of your travel schedule!

‘Healthy Body = Healthy Mind’

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