Makeida World Revolutionising Music Promotion

Makeida World was a creative and brilliant stroke of genius. This young rising star devised this idea to help with promotions. The expansion of Makeida World is incredible and grows as the months have passed. Makeida World UK is based in London, England; whilst the U.S. based head quarters for Makeida World is located in Atlanta Georgia. Makeida World provides promotional support for the rising UK R&B Singer Makeida. The Makeida World team assists Makeida with music videos, event promotions, media/press release, Makeida’s clothing line (brand name MEA pronounced �Mia’) and calendar as well as a wealth of other things.

Makeida World began in 2006 in the UK and consisted of her close friends and family. Today it has expanded across country. Makeida is forming Makeida World in all states and allows her to be much closer to the fans now that she has help from her Makeida World- Street Teams. Makeida’s fans are very important to her and she enjoys getting to know them. She is active in the UK and working on more promotion in the United States in the future.

The Makeida World Street Teams are attractive models that provide a strong backing for the young star. Makeida Says

"I knew the idea of Makeida World would be revolutionary. There were many obstacles to overcome and now I’m still amazed at the growth of Makeida World and the impact it has made on the music industry"

Through it all this young rising singer is still humble and fun loving. She has a genuine heart for what she is doing and looking to help others in her future. The R & B singer has faced hurdles and is making serious strides for Independent artists across the globe. Though she is not sure what is in store for her in the future she uses what she has to the best of her ability. Helping out any way she can.

The Makeida World website gets over 125,000 views a month and growing. Makeida World has several supporters including Dru Hill, Akon, as well as several others. Right now Makeida World is 257 members strong across the globe. Makeida also stated that:

"Makeida World consists of people that are my voice, they are the people that spread the word, they are the ones that get closer to my fans."

Makeida World’s elite members are active and available for Fashion shows, TV commercials, Magazine and Press as well as lots of other opportunities. The Makeida World Street Team works the streets to show their support for Makeida and get her voice heard. Recently Makeida World Street Teams where present at the Afro American Hair show. They talked with the fans, promoted her products, and encouraged her every step of the way. Makeida World Street Teams also helped in the Hip Hop Summit tour in Atlanta Georgia where Makeida performed earlier this year.

Makeida is setting up for Makeida World Kids to launch in November 2008. She is extremely excited to work with children and is looking forward to the launch. Makeida world is taking the Music Industry to new places one city at a time.

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