Meditation Music Helps You To Meditate With A Pure Heart

Meditation defines a state of consciousness, where the mind is free of diverse thoughts and hence can focus on a single point. With regular practice of meditation, body and mind can be drawn towards a higher realms. Meditation leads to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity and bliss. Meditation is one of the proven alternative therapies. With the help of meditation, one can feel more relaxed and can develop a positive view towards life. Meditation, by enhancing the spiritual growth, knowledge and enlightenment, creates an inner relationship with the Supreme. A serene and peaceful state of mind is experienced as meditation transcends the body and the spirit to experience the spiritual reality. From the aspect of physical well being, contribution of meditation is unanimous. Today, many a doctors prescribe meditation for lowering lower blood pressure, curing asthma, relieve insomnia and generally relax the everyday stresses of life.

Music has always been recognized as having a powerful effect on human consciousness. In different yoga forms, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Asthtanga Yoga, music have been an essential guide. Mortal beings have been highly sensitive to the effect of music. Music during the yoga sessions connect an individual to higher spheres and enhance the meditative mood within him. Different kinds of music and sounds effects the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Music can be a valuable aid to meditation. Meditation Music can drown out any background noises, and help the individual attain a state of extreme peace and calmness, improve concentration level.

The apt meditation music is the one that brings greater harmony within the practitioner and create an atmosphere that is calm and relaxed. Meditation music must contain tranquil and soothing sounds. It must induce a sense of peace and relaxation within the practitioner. Meditation is a state of acute inner consciousness. It is, however, sometimes impossible to reach the pinnacle of concentration. Right kind of meditation music can easily lead one to that profound meditative state. A tranquil meditation music can make one feel inseparable with the Supreme and transcends his soul to an ecstatic spiritual level. Even sounds evolving from gong, bells and bowls also help to create an apt ambiance aiding one to concentrate. The vibrations produced by the gongs strengthen the mind and the nervous system instantly. Sound of gongs create a vibration which facilitates the connection with one’s higher self. The use of elements of metal and crystal for meditation, yoga or relaxation, have been used for centuries to tap into energetic frequencies and create deep sound healing.

There are variety of record label companies today that guides a yoga aspirant with different yoga music CDs and DVDs. These Cds not only compose soothing hymns, tunes, chants and music, but also incorporates audio instructions to help the practitioner for practicing different yoga poses. Spirit Voyage is one of the pioneer online music store which offers a varying yoga DVD and CD collection that create a quiet and inspiring atmosphere, hence induces concentration within the listening mind.

Meditation music collection from Spirit Voyage is designed to soothe the mind, body and spirit. There are Kundalini Sadhana Music, Meditation Music for Relaxation. The Kundalini Sadhana Music collection includes the set of seven meditations, known as Aquarian Sadhana, by Yogi Bhajan, that are to be chanted every morning. While Relaxation music Cds create an environment for deep meditation and relaxes the body and mind.

Japji Sahib and Daily Banis from Spirit Voyage includes audio and video CDs that helps one to focus on meditation. Deep transformational mood is induced as the aspirant recites Japji and other daily banis. Japji Sahib by WAH!, Anand Sahib: The Song of Bliss by Guru Amar Das, So Purkh by Nirinjan Kaur are some of the exclusive meditation music collection .

Spirit Voyage also offers Gongs, Bells & Bowls CDs that have deep healing qualities. Gong The Nucleus of Sound by Yogi Bhajan, Therapeutic Gong by Dr. Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, Sacred Bowls by Michael Perricone are few among the numerous collection.

The online music company, Spirit Voyage essentially seeks to diffuse your mind and spirit in the supreme consciousness. With the myriad yoga music collection, the yoga books, yoga accessories and yoga clothing, Spirit Voyage helps a yoga aspirant to take an inward journey, where he experiences healthy state of mind and body. The different yoga books are the blueprint of practicing the yoga asanas with utmost perfection. Be, it any yoga form, Kundalini Yoga or Hatha Yoga, these books contain in-depth knowledge and let you explore the spiritual sides of yoga. With its huge Yoga DVD collection, Spirit Voyage also helps the yoga beginners in their morning and evening practice.

Music is an effective means that may touch the deepest core of your heart. Step into a divine will with different kinds of yoga music and enlighten your innate energy with Spirit Voyage.

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