Methods To Cope Insomnia – Rozerem

Sleep is the most mysterious process of body and can be described as a periodic state of rest during which a person remains unconscious of the activities of the world. However, in today’s stressful times, many people suffer from inadequate or lack of sleep. This state is also referred as insomnia.

Factors that cause insomnia:

1. Regular use of alcohol and stimulants, waking during erratic hours, changes in the schedule of sleep and wake or inactive behavior lead to unrest sleep.

2. Light, noise, extreme changes in the surrounding environment shall lead to sleepless nights.

3. Insomnia is also known to be caused by depression and contributes to anxiety or post-traumatic stress.

4. Women facing menopause are also likely to face insomnia because of hot flushes that occur during sleep.

5. Other illness and medical problems are also factors resulting in insomnia.
Sleep medications such as rozerem (FDA approved medication) is used as a method of treating the disease. The good part is that this medication has not shown any evidence of abuse or dependence.

Better sleeping habits can help:

Your bed should be large and comfortable: If you are disturbed by a restless bedmate, switch to a queen- or king-size bed. Test different types of mattresses, pillows, or cotton sheets you feel comfortable with.

Your bedroom should be a place to sleep: It is not good to use your bed for paying bills, doing work, etc. Help your body recognize the place for rest or intimacy.

Bedroom should be peaceful: Make sure your room is well ventilated and the temperature consistent. You need to keep it quiet.

Hide your clock. You should place your clock so you cannot see the time when you are in bed. This is because it will distract you from the state where your brain instructs you to sleep.

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