Music And Relaxtion For Good Sleep

No matter rich or poor, old or young, man or woman, adult or child, no matter which cast, creed, race or color none of us can actually work properly without good night sleep. There are numbers of reasons of not getting good night sleep but most prominent are the ones, which are result of stress and tensions.

Heartburn, or drinking too much caffeine or alcohol is only other secondary reason of stress development and ultimately sleep disorder. Actually the quantity of sleep varies from person to person. On average human beings needs sleep for seven to eight hours per day.

But some may need lesser or even more. Being stress the basic and the only reason of sleep disorder, let’s initially find out the reasons of stress. Stress could be because of concerns about work, school, health or family. This thinking activity can keep the mind too active and ultimately no source for relaxation.

Excessive boredom, prolonged illness can create stress. Depression can also led to stress. Basically depression is due to chemical imbalance in the brain and worries that accompany depression.

Music to relieve the stress

Sleep disorders caused due to stress has got the best remedy that is music. Many doctors and physiologists specifically state that Music could heal some vague problems concern to sleep.

Music can help an individual in various ways. It relieves stress; controls emotional responses; improves productivity; and can increase intellectual prowess. Music relieves stress in following ways:

1. Providing a predictable and secure environment by facilitating mental comfort.

2. Inducing feelings of well being in one self.

3. Decreasing physical mechanism, such as heart rate and respiration by calming.

4. Inducing first and then maintaining the relaxation once it occurs.

5. It brings the chaotic situations to order.

6. It helps to provide a break from frenetic activity.

7. Helps emotionally by putting enjoyment to life.

8. Helps to change mood from blue or blah to more upbeat.

9. Provides common grounds through shared music preferences

10. It helps to foster feelings of comfort and familiarity

11. Improves productivity by stimulating physical responses that results in feelings of more energy.

Importance of relaxation for sleep:

Relaxation is an important aspect in our lives as it helps to keep the stress levels down, and consequently improves health. Over work and deprivation can result in mental health problems, memory failure and even heart attack. Hence it’s very much important for everybody to take at least 10 minutes a day to wind down.

Sleepless nights can be terrible when one’s mind is buzzing with information and one desperately needs to sleep. Relaxation can greatly help one switch off so that one will be asleep within seconds. However there are many of us who finds it extremely hard to actually relax.

Some of the common hindrances that obstruct the path are not having enough time or mind wandering during relaxing. However, relaxation and sleep are of equal importance as both of them helps the body to function properly.

How to relax:

The feeling of relaxation is very is a simple practice and almost anyone can acquire it to relieve the stress and tension that stands between an individual and a richer and healthier life.

For quick relaxation meditation is an extremely helpful technique that works greatly. However, meditation only happens when the body reaches an amazing degree of maturity and after great effort has been made both in the physical and mental realms. It also helps in releasing muscular and mental tension accumulated in everyday life, leading to serenity and providing a glimpse of the enlightenment state, a state of constant awareness and meditation.

Other methods to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation are through breathing. In the real sense of the term breathing implies cosmic consciousness and the life force emanating from it through the medium of the will. Breadth is the chord that ties the soul to the body and whenever it ceases the body is just an inanimate corps and the nervous system no longer works and the mind is extinguished.

However it is vital to breathe in pure, refreshing air, then it is also essential that we should take in only pure, positive, and loving thoughts and emotions into our beings.

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