Music And Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without. ~Ymber Delecto

Yoga, the Sanskrit word means ‘union’, the way to unite the individual with the divine means. Practice of this 5000 year old science has been continuing for centuries which was actually originated from Hindu philosophy. According to Patanjali, the ancient compiler of the Yoga Sutras, Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. The sage also said, “In deep meditation the flow of concentration is continuous like the flow of oil.” Yoga helps to develop harmony between the mind, soul and body by uniting, yoking, joining and putting together these three elements of human being. Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual practice in the world of yoga, which awakes our senses to attain the ultimate peace in life. So proper yoga practice with exercise, meditation and asanas can help to relax the mind, body and soul.

Yoga, the greatest antidote to stress, ensures complete relaxation if practiced regularly. When paired with music, yoga becomes much more effective than ever. While performing yoga, Meditation music creates the right mood. Even relaxing yoga music and soothing sounds can be a great aid to sleep. Yoga helps to develop a peaceful mind. The soothing Yoga music helps to relax, calm the mind, and thus create a balance within. Many stress-relaxing techniques included in Yoga enforce relaxation in this stressful life of the present time. At the end of each Yoga session, corpse pose or Savasana is compulsory. This asana gets one back into the real or mundane world from the world of eternity, feeling more refreshed and relaxed, armed with the weapons to fight off the stress from the daily life.

Yoga helps to bring down stress and enhance relaxation. And music has the universal appeal to soothe the inner-self of anyone and everyone. Music creates a harmony in the mind which also leads to increased power of concentration. Nowadays, gradually, people can understand this aspect or benefit of Yoga practicing for which many spiritual music companies offer particular Yoga DVDs and CDs containing hymns and chants which soothe the mind by creating a calm atmosphere around. These enchanting hymns and mantras of Yoga music enter the deepest sense of human mind and blend with his or her original self.

Spirit Voyage is one such online record label company that guides you through the journey of a spiritual insight. With its huge collection of Meditation music, CDs and DVDs, the company helps to entice the feeling of ultimate relaxation to both your body and soul. So listen to this range of devotional music and dip into the river of melody. Experience the blissful calmness and delightful soothing inner self with the Kundalini Yoga Music offered by Spirit Voyage. Spirit Voyage Yoga DVDs are the greatest way of developing a deep spiritual connection with the divine power. To wipe away all the negative vibes and tensions from the mind which is very much common and normal in today’s perspective, Spirit Voyage is there ensuring you a relaxed and refreshed life.

Now, you can get peace with yoga, meditation and relaxing music. So heal the anxiety through the practice of Yoga. With this relaxing music let the tensions go away permanently from your life and regenerate your soul and rejuvenate the flow of energy with the soothing tunes.

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