Music For Depression Sure Beats Prozac

Music for depression is powerful solution now being offered to the 15 million people in the USA alone are challenged with depression. Given that all pharmaceutical drugs have negative side-effects such as:

* Nausea
* Insomnia
* Anxiety
* Restlessness
* Decreased sex drive
* Dizziness
* Weight gain or loss
* Tremors
* Sweating
* Sleepiness
* Fatigue
* Dry mouth
* Diarrhea
* Constipation
* Headaches

MUSIC FOR DEPRESSION HAS NONE! A major government study released in 2006 showed that less than 50 percent of people become symptom-free on antidepressants, even after trying two different medications. Furthermore, many who do respond to medication slip back into major depression within a short while, despite sticking with drug treatment. Clearly, more and more people are looking for natural depression remedies.

Whether you’ve had a bad day, lost money, lost love or felt ill, at some point we’ve all experienced the magical effect that music for depression has to lift us instantaneously out of a negative state and into a state of joy and power.

How is it that music has this magical power to change your mood instantaneously? If you look at recent studies such as one published in The New York Times by the Cochrane Collaboration, a not-for-profit group that reviews health care issues, we find that music for depression offers a real clinical benefit to depression sufferers.

In the study the reviewers found five randomized trials that studied the effects of music for depression. Some studies looked at the effects of providing music for depression to patients who were receiving drug treatment for depression. Others compared music for depression to traditional talk therapy. In four out of five of the trials, music for depression therapy worked better at easing depression symptoms than therapies that did not employ music, the researchers found.

�The current studies indicate that music for depression may be able to improve mood and has low drop-out rates,� said lead author Anna Maratos, an arts therapist for the National Health Service in London. �While the evidence came from a few small studies, it suggests that music for depression is an area that is well worth further investigation.

While some these studies measure the benefits of both music in general and the application of music with a trained therapist, which can be expensive and time consuming, what is available to the masses is �main stream music.� Currently there are very few artists working towards bringing music for depression to the masses, a rare exception being a band called Shaka Buku, a Fusion of Reggae, Funk & Soul out of San Diego California.

Shaka Buku is a band that has made huge inroads to alleviating depression for thousands of devoted listeners through three critically acclaimed albums released on Empower Records over the last 10 years. Using some new and time tested techniques, Shaka Buku melds words, language, beats & instruments to create a sense of uplifting joy, confidence and inner power on a commercial level.

One of the new methods to create music for depression is the introduction of NLP or neuro-linguistic-programming. Unheard of and entirely revolutionary for song writing, NLP puts a very powerful tool in the hands of the writer. Created by Richard Bandler and made famous by Tony Robbins as a tool to remove fear and negative patterns from the minds of thousands, NLP is a powerful tool, which Shaka Buku uses to craft powerful uplifting lyrics and create music for depression

Currently supporting the latest of its three albums �Feel Different,� the band has a tour called Enlightened Entertainment where songs are performed with intertwined spoken word to elevate people even higher. Co-produced by JB Eckl who also produced Santana, Mary J Blige, Ozomatli and many other major artists of today, the instrumentation is lush with horns, keyboards, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars and of course beautiful harmonies all combining for an unforgettable listening experience.

The sound is new, fresh and gives hope to many who suffer from depression or just want to alter the course of a bad day in an instant. Best thing of all is with the invention of the ipod someone can simply put on a pair of headphones or jump in the car and turn on the music and instantly get relief from depression.

What About Long Term Music For Depression?

Hundreds of different studies have proven that what you FOCUS on CREATES your RESULTS. By listening to empowering music such as Shaka Buku over and over its effect actually re-wires the neurons in the brain towards positive empowering thoughts. How? This goes back to the science of NLP, which uses language to re-wire the brain towards a positive and productive mind-set. Only with music you add another dimension, which takes re-wiring to a whole new level.

There are many in the medical establishment who have pointed to Serotonin as the key missing ingredient and cause of depression. As with most depression drugs such as Prozac, music for depression increases Serotonin levels, but doesn’t take as long, its actually instantaneous.

An even deeper look at this Serotonin theory tells us that people don’t necessarily have depression because they are deficient in Serotonin. There are many other contributing factors including inflammation, elevated stress hormones, immune system suppression, nutritional deficiencies, and shrinking brain cells. And these are just the biological causes of depression. Social and psychological factors � such as loneliness, lack of exercise, poor diet, and low self-esteem � also play an enormous role in depression.

What is so amazing about music for depression is that it addresses the main element in depression, which undisputedly is psychological. By rewiring the brain with positive empowering beliefs, using positive empowering lyrics and simultaneously raising serotonin levels with uplifting melodies and beats a listener is inundated with empowering pleasurable stimuli, which essentially becomes addicting. Rather that negative consequences, this addiction is powerful and necessary as it leads to LONG TERM RE-WIRING of the brain. By listening over and over, new neurons are formed based on new empowering beliefs.

Music for depression can be found at Itunes or Shaka Buku’s home page. Entire songs can be listened to only at the home page of Shaka Buku and can be purchased individually to mix and match the personal preferences of each listener.

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