Noida News: Breaking News Noida City Online News Headlines Latest Noida Updates is a hyper local newspaper focusing on every aspect of Noida varying from a local restaurant to finding out shopping discounts to knowing about free health camps. It also informs Noida citizens about the decisions of local Noida Authority district administration and utility service providers.

I have been reading this online paper for some time now, since the time I looked for a local family restaurant Desi Vibes on the net.

When, I explored this online newspaper, I was really delighted to see the profiles of all Indian players of ICC World Cup, 2011. Crisp information in tabular form with catchy headlines gave me all relevant information that I wanted to know about players.

I visited all categories of but Beauty and Health and Nutrition category hold my eyes. I read all articles under Beauty category and it was quite amazing to know so much about over all beauty and care. Hair care tips, make-up tips, Skin care tips. I am elated to get such vast information on daily skin care, after all everybody wants to look beautiful.

After visiting this site, I am also enlightened about many diseases like obesity, neck pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, migraine etc. By knowing their symptoms, precautions and treatments through have not only helped me to keep these diseases at bay but have also helped my near and dear ones to fight with these diseases in better ways.

One of the most striking features of Newzstreet online newspaper is that they keep on updating their website by doing minor and major changes on the daily basis, which makes it different from other Noida based websites and online newspapers.

Now, I have become the regular visitor of this site and also check my weekly horoscope on every Monday. Newzstreet local online newspaper has also become a hit in my friend circle. They daily check upcoming events to be held in Noida.

I am also very excited to tell that my mother is very happy these days as I have tried every recipe, which has been published on it.
Role of Newzstreet

We will provide all the possible information that you could ever want from local restaurants, schools, movies, shopping to theatre, music, art exhibitions and other events closest to you.

Through Newzstreet we will connect you to people for a mutually beneficial and wholly satisfying interface. You can have your own personal network of friends and add neighbours from your block, building or street to schedule activities and share info with.

We aim to bring people of similar sectors together to create a strong dependent network which will make your sector a safer place to live in.
Newzstreet is Your Voice

It means that it will include every aspect of life in the locality from local news, events like birthdays, festivals, kitty parties, pujas, etc that you can attend to schools, shopping, classifieds and anything and everything that affects YOU- the resident of that particular city.

We start with the idea that whatever information is most important to you and your family should be provided to you � on a single platform.

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