Ortho Tricyclen Birth Control Pill

Are you looking for the right birth control pill that gives you a high level of effectiveness and low level of hormones? How about Ortho Tricyclen tablets which gives you shorter, lighter, and more predictable periods.

Ortho Tricyclen delivers a low level of hormones to prevent pregnancy. Ortho Tricyclen is a “triphasic” birth control pill, which means it delivers 3 different levels of progestin with 1 level of estrogen throughout your cycle. Ortho Tricyclen is an oral contraceptive pills that is being taken by women to hold normal fertility. It is taken by mouth and is very effective for women who intend to control pregnancy.

Women who take Ortho Tricyclen get a daily low dose of hormones (norgestimate and ethyl estradiol) that controls the pituitary gland that helps the ovaries to prepare an egg and send it to the urethra for fertilization. At the same time, this oral pill also makes the cervical mucus thick that prevents the sperm to enter the uterus thereby curbing the chances of pregnancy. Ortho Tricyclen pill is also very effective in the medication of mild to moderate form of Acne.

The woman who took Ortho Tricyclen preferred to stay with the low-level version and 9 out of 10 women were satisfied with the new pill. Some woman may experience bleeding or spotting during the first few months of use as their body adjust to the pill.

In a survey, 91% of women who tried ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN liked it and planned to stay on it. Ortho Tricyclen had a low discontinuation rate (4%) due to adverse events like headache, cervical dysplasia, emotional lability, nausea, and abdominal pain.

It is more important to find the form of birth control tablets that is right for your body and suits your lifestyle. Use this easy tool to help you understand what is involved in the decision and see if Ortho Tricyclen may be the right pill for you.

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