“post-holiday Syndrome Prevention Work”.

These days,hollister france, many people begin to feel at night, can’t sleep, cannot get up in the morning, mental and physical exhaustion, spirits, and even some people to go to work tomorrow have a fear.”Eleven” the long vacation is about to end, many people because of the tourism, entertainment too, eat and drink too much, the party with “holiday syndrome”.
Expert proposal, reasonable arrangements for time for entertainment, tourism or party should as far as possible before arrangements, timely adjust biological clock, adjust state of mind, “post-holiday syndrome prevention work”.
To work the mood “anxiety” national day seven days, Miss Zhang schedule is full to the brim,abercrombie france.Excursion and then to Carnival, the gathering of friends to sing late into the night, the remaining free time was holding a snack, in front of the television watching crazy usually because of accumulated to disc.
…..But from yesterday, Miss Zhang because of sleep disorders,abercrombie france, excessive fatigue, don’t eat,abercrombie france, a spirit that has no.She began to regret that,abercrombie, during the festival program arrangement too much every day, or to sleep.
More serious is, Miss Zhang became abnormal anxiety, see what is not pleasing to the eye, mind is always hovering: “how do I have to go to work, really wanted to put false!”The reporter understands, many people due to excessive or relax, there are some holiday syndrome manifestations.
Such as: can’t sleep at night, can’t get up in the morning, day have dizzy spells, spirits, difficulty concentrating, and even fear.Excessive entertainment instead “entertainment but not happy” “during the national day, the emergency room received by the patient is mainly due to changes in the weather during the National Day is caused by cold have a fever and in tourism eat bad things or the climate does not suit one.
Have a fever, diarrhea caused by the public, there are individual because of binge eating and caused lipid,abercrombie, blood glucose.”City Sixth People’s hospital emergency department director Yu Xiaoming told reporters: “a lot of people, especially young people also because of irregular diet, often stay up all night singing, Internet cause physiological, mental fatigue, headache and dizziness, chest tightness appeared upset, nausea, vomit and a series of symptoms.
“East China Normal University psychologist Chen Mo said, because the holiday in the rhythm of life and work in different physiological, psychological,moncler, citizens will be natural and relaxed,air jordan pas cher, the formation of a new way of life and the circadian clock, but once the end of the holiday, physiological, psychological and will be disrupted, and prone to mental concentration, fatigue, anxiety, no appetite and other symptoms.
Some people also put the whole day are arranged into entertainment, excessive entertainment will only entertainment and music.Go to work normally after a lag of fatigue but.At this point, if the lack of a psychological buffer transition period, easy to produce aversive emotional work.
Near work pay attention to rest regulation “advised the public to entertainment as far as possible by the former arrangement, so as to ensure the final several day can get a sufficient rest and adjust time.
“Chen Mo told reporters: “the face before going to work, to do sleep, regular diet, live from the content to the time of work and rest is adjusted accordingly, make the attention back to work.”In addition, experts also say, appropriate exercise can cope with the holiday eat much caused by anorexia nervosa, it may be appropriate to eat the stomach, digestive hawthorn tablets, try to eat light food; to love sports, such as: walking, jogging, and dancing, do something to make their own heartbeat, sweaty exercise, both physical and mental “moving”,hollister, appetite for natural adjustment to the normal state,hollister.
For sleep disordered people,air jordan pas cher, expert advice, and gently massage the head, stroll or listen to music; mental fatigue stress caused by holiday,air jordan, should try to reduce psychological pressure; before work can take a bath, take a shower metabolism of the body surface to eliminate waste, effectively eliminate fatigue.
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