Providing Healing Through An Integrated Women’s Health Care Program

Often in the world of Western medicine, physicians do not have the time or make the time to assess their patient’s full medical needs. Generally, a few moments are spent between the doctor and the patient. This time spent together incorporates questions regarding symptoms, the family’s medical history, and going over the results of any medical tests that were ordered.

Also, physicians who are taught in the discipline of Western medicine do not often incorporate other healing disciplines. This variety of healing disciplines may be from other cultures, or alternative methods of healing. In addition, Western medicine does not consider the prescription of the power of music, prayer or the power of the mind.

It is important to understand that humanity is more than just being a biological creature. As men and women, there is a complexity that comprises many parts that make up the whole. It stands to reason that if each of the parts are treated, then the whole person will be healed. Therefore, to provide healing through an integrated women’s health care program a required approach to healing, through various methods, can be attained by addressing the separate parts of the being. Some of those alternative methods include biofeedback, music therapy and affirmations.


Biofeedback, as a part of an integrated women’s health care program, combines traditional Western medicine with alternative forms of medicine. Certain vital signs such as blood pressure heart rate and the temperature of the outer skin are measured and conveyed to the patient. The information is provided in the moment and allows for the patient to increase their level of awareness and to respond to the body’s signals.

The response of the patient is intended to counteract any negative bodily functions that are occurring and deal directly with the source of these negative symptoms. The healing response of the patient to such conditions as hypertension or the onset of migraine headaches is accomplished through taught forms of relaxation processes.

Music Therapy

Another alternative form of therapy, as part of an integrated women’s health care program, is music therapy. As the name implies, treatment is accomplished through music. This therapy is administered by a qualified musical therapist. Music therapy incorporates specifically structured elements to elevate the processes of the client’s physical and mental condition.

Music therapy consists not only of listening to music, but through the playing of musical instruments, writing music, flowing with music and through various imaginative exercises. The goal of music therapy, as part of an integrated women’s health care program, is to reach all aspects of the individual and enhance the healing process.


Another specific element to an integrated women’s health care program is the power of affirmations. Through meditative exercises, emptying oneself from mental cares and focusing inward, spiritual singleness of mind and heart can be achieved. These affirmations are spoken in the present tense and affirmed to spiritual forces the healed declaration of the individual.

Once this state has been realized then verbal affirmations can be declared. The healing affirmations of this integrated women’s health care component are met and honored by the universe, resulting in spiritual healing which may move into the realm of the physical.

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