Reiki And The Healing Sound

Reiki healing has a lot to do with harmony, music, sounds, and drums. Healing through Reiki requires rhythm. And that’s something that has to be achieved for healing to take effect.

During one’s childhood, adults tend to see children rather than hear them. This concept has to change because in today world, people are remembered with the sound that they make. Sounds are a person’s participation in the symphony of life. Music plays all within and around us.

Reiki is most effective when healing sounds are planted within the healer. Try to watch children exploring their world. During the entire experience, they would touch, gurgle, laugh, and at times, cry. Children live their life with enthusiasm, jolliness, and love. They rarely have worries and their world affects them in the same way that they lovingly affect it. If their sounds were not silenced, they can express their delight freely.

Observing kids in all their glory leaves the observer with awe. But more importantly, it becomes a fulfilling experience for both parties. Joy flows through the scene as children enjoy life in their own little way. Through the eyes of the children, it becomes easier for adults to enjoy life and the whole world.

Drums are good instruments that can produce rhythm. Drums can be played even by an amateur musician. Like children, everybody can explore this instrument and probably, enjoy playing it. Let the child in you learn how to use drums in your Reiki healing sessions. Interact with the drum to produce the healing sound that can boost healing.

And like a child, you will be filled with joy, enthusiasm, and sometimes, even sadness. All these emotions can flow through the drums. Sing with the drum. Dance with it. Let go of your hidden emotions that could have been silenced several years before. Let the healing sound of the drum flow through you.

Reiki can be incorporated with a lot of other energies and drumming is just one of them. The combination of deep healing and powerful vibration is immense. This is why Reiki Drumming sessions are conceptualized and are later on used regularly in most Reiki healing sessions.

However, there are a lot of things that transform to become a drum. The musical instrument itself isn’t the only one that can emit a healing sound using the loving stroke of your hands. Try to imagine yourself being young once more and discovering the world around you. Remember the enthusiasm you feel as you hear and touch something that produces a sound.

There is joy created as interaction happens. Your heart can create a song from within you. Reiki energy can rise from there. You can produce healing powers through the silence of your heart. Celebrate the presence of sound from inside you. Feel the way your heart beats as you stroke the drum. Feel that rhythm and be one with it. Your existence is already a rhythm. Use it to awaken your life and your presence in the world around you. Hear the songs sung by your heart.

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